gross sales

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Gross sales

Total sales calculated by summing all sales at invoice values, neglecting any adjustments such as customer discounts, excise taxes, or returns.

Gross Sales

The revenue a company derives from sales before making any deductions for discounts, transportation, and some other expenses. Gross sales contrast with net sales, which account for some of these basis expenses. They also contrast with cash flow because gross sales include credit sales that the company may not have collected.

gross sales

Total sales for a period before discounts, returns, and freight expenses have been deducted. Compare net sales.
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This means that AFFI's yearend gross sales could reach over P128 billion.
As a result, gross sales of 311 million francs decreased by 7.
0 m Retail Outlets 164 state stores 165 state stores 501 private retail 506 private retail Employees (full-time) 675 680 Projected gross sales for FY 2011: $360.
Accordingly, W accrues $13,000 of gross sales and includes $13,000 (less the corresponding cost of goods sold) in gross income in 2002, because the all-events test is met.
This meant that the leases would be renewed including a modification made by oval agreement for Woolworth to pay only rent based on gross sales rather than including a base rent for the outdoor space.
132-3(b)(2)(iv) because sales at a discounted price total at least 35% of its gross sales for the prior tax year.
ALABAMA Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Fiscal year end: 9/30/01) FY '00 FY '01 Gross Sales (Spirits, wine) $249.
The expert witness testified that she considered allocation methodologies based on both hours and gross sales.
During the prior tax year, sales to ABA members amounted to 15% of gross sales, sales to AMA members amounted to 20% of gross sales and sales to Federal government employees equaled 25% of gross sales.