gross sales

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Gross sales

Total sales calculated by summing all sales at invoice values, neglecting any adjustments such as customer discounts, excise taxes, or returns.

Gross Sales

The revenue a company derives from sales before making any deductions for discounts, transportation, and some other expenses. Gross sales contrast with net sales, which account for some of these basis expenses. They also contrast with cash flow because gross sales include credit sales that the company may not have collected.

gross sales

Total sales for a period before discounts, returns, and freight expenses have been deducted. Compare net sales.
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1] Please refer to Non-GAAP Financial Measures for a glossary of definitions of non-GAAP financial measures used herein, including gross sales, constant currency, adjusted operating income, adjusted earnings (loss) per share, adjusted gross margin and adjusted other selling and administrative expenses.
As a result, gross sales of 311 million francs decreased by 7.
5% on Gross Sales Revenue in excess of [pounds sterling]4m and up to a maximum of [pounds sterling]7m;
Accordingly, W accrues $13,000 of gross sales and includes $13,000 (less the corresponding cost of goods sold) in gross income in 2002, because the all-events test is met.
This meant that the leases would be renewed including a modification made by oval agreement for Woolworth to pay only rent based on gross sales rather than including a base rent for the outdoor space.
Domestic gross sales down 4 percent and international gross sales down 13 percent;
Worldwide gross sales for core brands: Barbie(R) up 3 percent; Hot Wheels(R) up 9 percent; Core Fisher-Price(R) up 15 percent and American Girl(R) brands up 2 percent;
If the employer provides several levels of discounts, it reduces the current undiscounted price by the percentage discount at which it makes the greatest percentage of the discounted gross sales for the representative period, to arrive at the applicable discounted price.
Worldwide gross sales for core brands: Barbie[R] down 21 percent; Hot Wheels[R] down 22 percent; Core Fisher-Price[R] down 9 percent and American Girl[R] brands up 5 percent;
The expert witness testified that she considered allocation methodologies based on both hours and gross sales.
Lee Hamre, CEO of AmeraMex International (PINK SHEETS:AMMX), announces today that the gross sales figures for the company exceeded last year's.
If the employer offers property for sale at one or more discounted prices to customer groups, and sales at such discounted prices comprise at least 35% of the employer's gross sales for the representative period, that price is used in determining the amount of the employee discount.