gross sales

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Gross sales

Total sales calculated by summing all sales at invoice values, neglecting any adjustments such as customer discounts, excise taxes, or returns.
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Gross Sales

The revenue a company derives from sales before making any deductions for discounts, transportation, and some other expenses. Gross sales contrast with net sales, which account for some of these basis expenses. They also contrast with cash flow because gross sales include credit sales that the company may not have collected.
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gross sales

Total sales for a period before discounts, returns, and freight expenses have been deducted. Compare net sales.
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The Group reached the seven billion milestone for the first time, and generated gross sales of CHF 7 143 million, an increase of +21.7percent at constant rates in comparison to 2010.
* In Connecticut, the award for Highest Gross Sales Commissions was presented to Mary Higgins of the Halstead New Canaan office.
FY '09 FY '10 Gross Dollar Sales (Spirits, $358.0 m $356.0 m wine) Revenue Contribution $147.0 m $146.0 m Distilled Spirits (Mixed cases) 2.17m 2,179,150 Wine (Mixed cases) 61,889 56,973 Operating Expenses $42.0 m $71.0 m Retail Outlets 164 state stores 165 state stores 501 private retail 506 private retail Employees (full-time) 675 680 Projected gross sales for FY 2011: $360.0 m Projected revenue contribution for FY 2011: 150.0 m IOWA Division of Alcoholic Beverages (Fiscal year end: 6/30/10) All dollar amounts are rounded to the nearest tenth.
(15) Changed 2003 gross sales figure (adjustments made after auditing)
Copesul had $1.84 billion in gross sales and $70 million in net profits in 2003.
W accrues $4,500 of gross sales and includes $4,500 (less the corresponding cost of goods sold) in gross income in 2003, when W and Y settle their dispute.
John Chung, AFFI President and CEO, told reporters on the sidelines of a press briefing that the AFFI's growth in terms of gross sales would be supported by the expansions of member companies as well as by the government's push to support micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
In 1988, after reporting gross sales of $1.8 billion on the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100, TLC Beatrice became the nation's largest black-owned business.
The company said unaudited gross sales for July were $7.4 million, compared with $3.8 million in gross sales for July 2003.
1.132-3(b)(2)(iv) provides that if sales at discounted prices make up at least 35% of the employer's gross sales for the representative period, the employer uses the discounted price in determining the employees' discount.
The leases covered two stores and provided for pay payment by Woolworth of a base rent plus a percentage of its gross sales above a "break" point for each of the two stores.