green product

‘green’ product

a product that is designed and manufactured in such a manner as to minimize the adverse environmental impact involved in its production, distribution and consumption. This could involve the use of recyclable materials, biodegradable elements and components such as catalytic converters in motor cars, which reduce sulphur emissions. See RECYCLING, POLLUTION.
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At the same time, we also entered all of our supplier management information into the Green Product Management (GPM) system to ensure that all supplier materials conform to our company's green product policy, international regulations and customer product specifications.
Green marketing is not only the application of four Ps on the green product, but it also guides organizations about future customer needs and preferences.
The green product respondents purchased most recently was most likely to be either perishable grocery items or cleaning items (each cited by 29% share of respondents).
The 38.5 percent of shoppers who knowingly bought green products in 2018 and early 2019 represent a change from a decade ago, when 83 percent of survey respondents had purchased a green product within the prior 12 months.
They were of the view that while marketing the green product, information about the performance of the green product should also be given along.
LG OLED TVs achieve significant reductions in hazardous and raw materials content compared to conventional LCD TVs, while LG's green product design for recycling and supplier programs advance supply chain sustainability.
Green Seal, a nonprofit, checks green product claims and updates its list weekly.
However, despite these firms' efforts, consumers are still reluctant to buy eco-friendly products (Majid & Russell, 2015), and the green product market is growing at a slow rate (Borin, Cerf, & Krishnan, 2011).
Product suppliers in the GCC need to be aware of green building requirements as developers are becoming increasingly concerned about meeting environmental standards, said an Ideal Standard executive.Antonis Mourikis, sales director at the plumbing and sanitary ware company in the MENA region, said having a green product range was necessary for his firm to thrive in the local market."For us as a company, it's very clear that we have to focus on these products and these kinds of projects because owners' strategies and project development is focusing on these types of products.
In heterogeneous markets, one of the many consumer groups is that of green product buyers.
Given the size and importance of the green product, a better understanding of this young consumer segment is vital.
Alpha Reliability of Variables Variables Cronbach Alpha Attitude towards Green Product 0.62 Perceived Value 0.65 Green Products 0.65 Table 2.