green product

‘green’ product

a product that is designed and manufactured in such a manner as to minimize the adverse environmental impact involved in its production, distribution and consumption. This could involve the use of recyclable materials, biodegradable elements and components such as catalytic converters in motor cars, which reduce sulphur emissions. See RECYCLING, POLLUTION.
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However, despite these firms' efforts, consumers are still reluctant to buy eco-friendly products (Majid & Russell, 2015), and the green product market is growing at a slow rate (Borin, Cerf, & Krishnan, 2011).
In heterogeneous markets, one of the many consumer groups is that of green product buyers.
Since nearly 50 percent of India's current population is below the age of 25, there is strong potential for green product adoption and demand growth.
Alpha Reliability of Variables Variables Cronbach Alpha Attitude towards Green Product 0.
We are specifically interested in how previous research investigated the construction of green products, the development of a green consciousness by specific consumers, the growth of the green product market, and the role that green consumption plays in people's lives.
This is why X-ECO is considered to be a green product.
This paper seeks to explain how green core competencies of the firm influences green innovation (includes green product innovation and green process innovation) and green image.
In order to assist companies in reducing the issues in applying for various green product marks, the T?
Here's the good news, capturing the perspective of over 9,000 consumers across 8 countries, the 2011 ImagePower(R) Green Brands Survey reveals that an increasing number of consumers have a desire for going green and are willing to pay relatively more to buy a green product.
Tokyo, Aug 18, 2011 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today established a consolidated green product development standard based on the IEC 62075 framework covering the environmentally conscious design of audio/video, and information and communication technology equipment.
However, status motives did not increase in the cases of private shopping or when the green product was less expensive than the conventional one.
carried the green product line the school ultimately chose, Misco Elements' EarthMate.