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1. The recipient of a gift.

2. The beneficiary of a trust. A grantor places assets in the trust on behalf of the grantee and allows a trustee to administer them for a certain period of time.


A person who receives the title of real estate via a deed.
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state and local government grantees have not always complied with the
HL7) interfaces was preferred by grantees and by sites already versed in this method of transferring data (Health Level Seven International 2014).
Under the core function of assurance, two grantees revised state and local regulations to reduce drinking water exposure risks (ES6).
The activities will be done in the South covering grantees and NGOs/CBOs in Ghanzi, Kgalagadi, Kweneng & Southern districts and North covering grantees and NGOs/CBOs in North East and Central districts.
First piloted in New York City, Bloomberg Philanthropies supported 245 grantees through AIM from 2011-2013.
organization to document that the grantee foreign charity is equivalent to a U.
5 contractor and grantee employees for every civil servant.
Although the number of untimely grantees has been reduced by 34 percent, 171 CDBG grantees currently fail to meet the timeliness standard.
The first three projects focus on the most dominant health priority areas selected by the grantees and funded as part of the REACH 2010 project, cardio-vascular diseases and/or diabetes (30/38 projects).
The results of these studies were discussed in a conference of grantees in May 1996.
1) Most of the 1990 grantees were in the program for the maximum period of 3 years.
The relationship between some foundations and their grantees continues to have traditional elements.