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1. The recipient of a gift.

2. The beneficiary of a trust. A grantor places assets in the trust on behalf of the grantee and allows a trustee to administer them for a certain period of time.


A person who receives the title of real estate via a deed.
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It further stated that each grantee is entitled to PHP12,000 per school year, provided that the scholar obtains passing grades in all subjects.
Further, the grantee is prohibited from disposing or leasing its facilities except to entities with a radio or television franchise, provided that the grantee shall inform and secure written authorization to proceed from the NTC and report the transaction to the NTC within 60 days after its completion.
To help grantees prepare for a loss of funding, most leaders in the study said they strove to communicate their spend-down decisions and timelines with grantees in a direct, transparent and timely way.
Four other previous grantees selected for screening in official sections at Cannes this year are Divines (Directors' Fortnight), Apprentice
To understand the diversity of STLT programmatic efforts, CDC used the 10 EEPHS and EnvPHPS to align first-year outcomes from the 11 grantees by each of the 10 EEPHS (Table 2).
This paper details obstacles encountered, lessons learned, and both successful and unsuccessful strategies adopted by grantees as they aimed to improve the clinical content and race/ethnicity/language data in their states' hospital-based, encounter-level databases.
Twenty art works will be auctioned at Leon Gallery, including paintings by wellknown names like Phyllis Zaballero, Manny Garibay, Elmer Borlongan and Charlie Co, along with works by ACC grantees Don Salimabay, Sam Penaso and Ambie Abano.
The Foundation continues to advise its grantees of impending cuts, as it has done consistently in recent years.
beneficiaries in other jurisdictions where grantees increase their
The relationship between some foundations and their grantees continues to have traditional elements.
Of the 56 immunization program grantees (50 states, five cities, * and the District of Columbia [DC]), 2012 IISAR data ([dagger]) were available for 54 grantees.