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1. The recipient of a gift.

2. The beneficiary of a trust. A grantor places assets in the trust on behalf of the grantee and allows a trustee to administer them for a certain period of time.


A person who receives the title of real estate via a deed.
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The ordinance provides that there shall be four grantees from each of the 13 municipalities and the grantees must finish their courses in four years.
Among the responsibilities of the grantee to the public are: to provide adequate public service time to enable the Government, through the said broadcasting stations or facilities, to reach the population on important public issues; to provide at all times sound and balanced programming; and to promote public participation such as in community programming as well as to assist in the functions of public information and education.
Two of the Spring 2016 grantees are also screening in key sections at this year's Cannes Film Festival -- Dogs in Un Certain Regard, directed by Bogdan Mirica (Romania/France/Bulgaria, Qatar), and Diamond Island in Critics' Week, directed by Davy Chou (Cambodia/France/Germany/Qatar).
To understand the diversity of STLT programmatic efforts, CDC used the 10 EEPHS and EnvPHPS to align first-year outcomes from the 11 grantees by each of the 10 EEPHS (Table 2).
Others, including IDEA-NW and the Florida grantee, communicated primarily through reports and intermediaries.
different rationales for grantee noncompliance, for these, too, affect
It sent a shockwave through CDC, its grantees and state health departments nationwide.
Low # of Grantees Dominant Total Income ZCTA Serving ZCTA Grantee Population Pop xxxxx 4 8,578 5,451 Total # Unserved (by Penetration Sec 330 Grantees) of Low Penetration ZCTA Patients Low Income Income of Total Pop xxxxx 4,489 962 82% 52% % Low-Income % ZCTA Pop Hispanic xxxxx 66% 96%
Recommendation: To better ensure that grantees' AIs serve as an effective tool for grantees to identify and address impediments to fair housing, HUD should expeditiously complete its new regulation pertaining to the affirmatively further fair housing (AFFH) requirements.
NSP grantees may acquire these properties with the assistance of NSP funds for any eligible use.
This article describes programming under way among the MFS-IP grantees to facilitate successful reentry by providing family support services to incarcerated fathers and their families.