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Government Bond

Any bond issued by an agency of the United States government. Government bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the government and are considered risk-free. Most are negotiable, with prominent examples being Treasury securities or Ginnie Mae bonds. U.S. savings bonds, however, are not negotiable.
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the primary decision-making body in a nation state responsible for national defence, maintaining law and order, etc. Government's economic role in the state depends upon the socio-political system the country has adopted, the two extremes being a CENTRALLY PLANNED ECONOMY and a PRIVATE ENTERPRISE ECONOMY. In the former case, governments play an all-embracing role, often owning most economic resources and determining what products to produce. In the latter case, where resources are held privately and markets are the main mechanism for allocating resources, governments play a more restricted role, merely influencing the general level of economic activity through DEMAND MANAGEMENT policies and redistribution of income and wealth. See MIXED ECONOMY, GOVERNMENT ( PUBLIC) EXPENDITURE.
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The confusion pathology is best viewed as undermining the values fostered by the listener-centric model: intentional confusion of the populace by the government effectively renders the democratic process little more than a sham, for voters will be performing their electoral function on the basis of governmentally manipulated false information.
It would be a membership benefit for the rejected to receive advice about the appropriate charity, social service organization or legal aid society to assist them with their financial issues along with the governmentally required adverse action notice.
What is important is that the government has strict protocols in place - you have to be registered financially and governmentally."
The process is the converse of the course China has been pursuing for the past 30 years, as government has established an industrial economy through the creation of governmentally owned industrial corporations with which their private equivalents are occasionally allowed to compete--or not, as the Communist Party determines.
As per the addendum, both countries may impose tax on the stock share at reduced rates and provide full exemption of some governmentally owned establishments.
Over in Texas another man was governmentally killed, thus creating the possibility for even louder applause when that state's governor's scalp-count is next announced.
His logistically challenging task: Keep 19 temperature-sensitive pallets cold during a roughly 10,000-mile journey, arranging all the governmentally required health certificates and Customs clearances in the process.
The Nakba Bill would forbid governmentally funded bodies or institutions to spend taxpayer money on events marking Nakba Day (Catastrophe) by supporting armed resistance or racism against Israel.
Civil and political unrest has an impact on society overall and within all institutions, particularly those that are governmentally supported.
Moore argues that in giving "cinema its first legal definition," fire codes allowed for the cinema to emerge as a safe and governmentally sanctioned place of leisure (46).
Politically and governmentally, the once Golden State is in just as bad a fix as it is economically.
Church in its attempts to help immigrants adjust to their new lands, challenges that stand in contrast to the presuppositions involved in most governmentally endorsed policies of assimilation.

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