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It was the efforts of the SAPSSWG members, with support from a wide range of government security industry groups such as the Contract SAP/SAR (special access required) Working Group, the Industrial Security Working Group, and the ASIS Government Security Committee, that led to the new DoD Overprint to the NISPOMSUP.
The 7.35 per cent government security maturing in 2024 and the 7.59 per cent government security maturing in 2029 also quoted substantially higher at Rs 97.55 and Rs 99.1250, respectively.
This will enable UK Government security personnel to inspect Windows code line-by-line, simulate threats and assess vulnerabilities.
As such, all GSEDs shall ensure proper access and connectivity to the NRoSS to be able to participate in government security auctions moving forward,' the BTr memorandum said.

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