government securities

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Government securities

Government Security

government securities

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Government securities transactions to the buy side community, including mutual funds and other registered investment institutions.
money markets, especially the markets for federal funds and government securities.
GovPX is owned by four out of five interdealer brokers and 42 government securities dealers.
Government securities held in the System Open Market Account to Government securities dealers and to banks participating in Government securities clearing arrangements conducted through a Federal Reserve Bank, under such instructions as the Committee may specify from time to time.
Government Securities Clearing Corporation (GSCC), established in 1986, provides centralized clearance and settlement services to over 70 interdealer brokers, dealers, and clearing banks for treasury bills, bonds, and notes; STRIPS; and non-mortgage-backed agency securities.
In investing in government securities it is not likely that these very well capitalized banks were motivated by minimum capital standards.
In the proxy materials the Board will recommend that shareholders vote against the proposal to convert the Trust into an open-end fund but instead vote for the reorganization and merger of the Trust into the Government Securities Fund.
Over the past one and one-half years, the Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), the Treasury, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), among others, have devoted considerable attention to the government securities market.
While the bank's high holdings of government securities (26% of assets) remains a concern, the risk profile of these securities has improved since the end of 2002, as the bank has shifted to shorter term, local currency obligations.

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