government debt

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Government Debt

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government debt

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There was a reduction of almost Rs2 trillion or 37.2% in the government debt from commercial banks in five months.
The period of issuance varies for each of the government debt instruments.
"Government debt instruments will offer many advantages to an expanding investor base," he stated.
The post Government debt falls 3.6 per cent appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
According to the Finance Ministry's estimates, Slovakia's gross government debt for 2017 will drop by 0.9 percent to 50.9 percent of GDP.
'Domestic borrowings accounted for more than half of the total general government debt at P2.909 trillion, while the remaining P2.113 trillion was sourced from external lenders,' Beltran said.
At the end of 2015, the government debt stood at 36 per cent of GDP.
Bulgariaas government debt totalled EUR 13.34 B in nominal terms at of end-April 2016, the Finance Ministry announced on Tuesday.
Central government debt was 556.5 trillion won in 2015, and total government debt including local governments was 590.5 trillion won.
Dubai: The Lebanese government's debt servicing capacity depends on the domestic financial sector's willingness and ability to add to its holdings of government debt, which in turn relies on bank deposit inflows, according to rating agency Standard & Poor's.
The county's general government debt improved in the third-quarter of the year as the Department of Finance (DOF) expects it to sustain its declining trajectory in the coming quarters.

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