Good will

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Intangible assets relating to a company's business practices. Goodwill includes assets with value that are exceptionally difficult to quantify. Examples include brand recognition, customer loyalty, and employee happiness. Goodwill helps a company remain competitive in the long term, even if the company does not produce the best product. For example, a customer will be more likely to buy peanut butter from one company and pay more for it, if he/she thinks the company produces better-tasting peanut butter, regardless of whether or not this is the case. When a company buys another company, it will often pay above the target company's book value to account for goodwill.

Good will.

When the term good will is used in connection with evaluating a company, it covers the intangible value of its reputation, its satisfied clients, and its productive work force. Those factors are all considered evidence of the corporation's potential to produce strong earnings.

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And, when you start with your own good will funding, your conviction will make you that much more effective with prospects.
It would seem, then, that good wills are so rare that it is silly to treat everyone as if he had a good will.
He reviewed the nature of the tasks and work of the various committees that will emerge from the conference sessions, to discuss all issues in more or less six months, underlining that "what is important are good wills and hard work.