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Golden hello

A bonus a securities firm pays to attract an employee from a competing firm.
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Golden Hello

A large signing bonus that a securities company such as a brokerage or a hedge fund pays to an employee that it "steals" from a competitor. The golden hello exists to entice the employee to change jobs. The company pays a golden hello when it believes that the employee will be a valuable resource for the company and, perhaps more importantly, his loss to the other company will create a competitive disadvantage.
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golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new employee of an organization as an inducement to join it.
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golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new director or worker of a company to attract him or her to join that company
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'GOLDEN hello' deals worth more than PS200,000 were used to entice GPs to Sunderland last year.
The Mail on Sunday's report said that troops expelled following drug offences were being contacted by MoD officials and told they can qualify for "golden hello" payments.
Coun Ruane, Coventry City Council's cabinet member for children and young people, is calling for the golden hellos to be made illegal.
LIVERPOOL council's chief executive was handed a pounds 25,000 "golden hello" while the authority was in the process of cutting hundreds of jobs from its payroll.
"The consequence means that some hospitals will make the financial decision to go without staffing provision and will lead to longer waiting lists and a postcode lottery service, whilst other hospitals cut back severely in other areas as a consequence of deciding to pay golden hellos.
Councils are offering pounds 3,000 "golden hellos" and student loan pay-offs in an effort to combat a widespread shortage of social workers in Wales.
Medics are being offered "golden hellos" of as much as pounds 50,000 to join up.
Golden Hellos range from pounds 500 to pounds 8,000, depending on the qualifications an applicant has.
Although the Government offers pounds 4,000 in golden hellos to people with maths degrees to train as teachers, the intake rate is still 20 per cent below rates of five years ago.
COUNCIL bosses are offering pounds 6000 golden hellos to new social workers because of a recruitment crisis.
HEALTH chiefs in England and Ireland have been accused of luring Ulster's nurses with "golden hellos" and promises of free flights and accommodation.