golden hello

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Golden hello

A bonus a securities firm pays to attract an employee from a competing firm.
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Golden Hello

A large signing bonus that a securities company such as a brokerage or a hedge fund pays to an employee that it "steals" from a competitor. The golden hello exists to entice the employee to change jobs. The company pays a golden hello when it believes that the employee will be a valuable resource for the company and, perhaps more importantly, his loss to the other company will create a competitive disadvantage.
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golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new employee of an organization as an inducement to join it.
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golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new director or worker of a company to attract him or her to join that company
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However, the firm is hoping to gain an advantage by offering new staff a "golden hello" - a PS2,000 welcome bonus.
He said: "That troops have been discharged for taking drugs can qualify for jobs which come with PS10,000 'golden hellos', and keep their old ranks, adds insult to injury.
BG said it would mean the expected value on award of this part of the "golden hello" is cut from about PS10m to PS4.7m.
DEADLINE DAY Relive the drama in our live blog and have your say on the moves NEWS NEAR YOU Find out what''s happening around you with our interactive news map STYLE CITY New season style is luxe-ing up at Topshop TOP FIVE 1 Liverpool council in pounds 18m redundancies bill row 2 Gary Bainbridge: The man who could not see properly because of the woman on the television 3 Fears for safety of drowned teen's missing boyfriend 4 City council chief's pounds 25,000 golden hello 5 Mathew Street Festival organisers to crack down on underage drinkers next year
LIVERPOOL council's chief executive was handed a pounds 25,000 "golden hello" while the authority was in the process of cutting hundreds of jobs from its payroll.
James Taylor, 23, now works for Parker Barras in Middlesbrough after the company took advantage of the 'Golden Hello' recruitment and training package offered by Jobcentre Plus.
The 'golden hello' sign-on fees of up to pounds 3,000, as well as bonuses of pounds 1,800 are another spin-off from the crisis.
Shareholders failed to block a GBP2.6m 'golden hello' package for new WH Smith chief executive Kate Swann at the company's AGM.
Mr Vandevelde lives in an all-expenses-paid flat, gets a basic salary of pounds 650,000 and was awarded a "golden hello" of pounds 2.5million.
But he was essentially a jumping man, who enjoyed the camaraderie as much as he enjoyed his wins with such horses as Coulton, Native Mission, Dawson City, Ballad Minstrel, Good Vibes and Golden Hello.
Mark Booth, the TV executive chosen to head News Corporation's $300m internet fund, reportedly turned down a $25m 'golden hello' when he rejected a top multimedia jobs from Microsoft Corp, according to reports in the UK press.