golden hello

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Golden hello

A bonus a securities firm pays to attract an employee from a competing firm.

Golden Hello

A large signing bonus that a securities company such as a brokerage or a hedge fund pays to an employee that it "steals" from a competitor. The golden hello exists to entice the employee to change jobs. The company pays a golden hello when it believes that the employee will be a valuable resource for the company and, perhaps more importantly, his loss to the other company will create a competitive disadvantage.

golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new employee of an organization as an inducement to join it.

golden hello

a large lump-sum payment made to a new director or worker of a company to attract him or her to join that company
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To support colleges and training providers to deliver this, we are investing millions of pounds through our workforce strategy and attracting the brightest and best graduates with the new golden hello scheme.
Golden hook : Similar to a golden hello, or sign-on bonus, it is a payment at the beginning rather than at the end of a period of service.
nEdward Shouler, owner of Golden Hello, also had to settle for runner- up honours in the two-mile handicap hurdle with the FitzGerald-trained, McCoy-ridden Ballad Minstrel, who just failed to get the better of course specialist Saint Ciel in a thrilling finish.
Lorcan Wyer continued his recent love affair with Wetherby when he landed a double for Tim Easterby on Bakkar and Golden Hello, writes Graham Cunningham.
Salary offered is up to pounds 32,487 with an additional Golden Hello of up to pounds 5,000.
Graduate schemes: Some employers may offer a golden hello, paying off your student debt or giving a bonus cheque, while others may offer
Yesterday it was confirmed the ex-Halfords boss had been awarded a golden hello of 135,379 shares, plus 180,505 shares for work done to date.
Simon, of Bethesda, is now transferring his skills to the Army, which has handed him a pounds 2,500 golden hello.
For potential soldiers who are already educated in certain disciplines, the Army has recently introduced a Golden Hello scheme.
BARCLAYS' new finance chief is set to land a multimillion pound golden hello.
Foxley added: "We have a menu of incentives, so that if you are a young person going to teacher training college to do Gaelic teaching, you'll know you'll get a golden hello, some assistance with housing and help with your professional development.
DR Darren Chant was fortunate that his pounds 5,000 golden hello was more of a windfall than an incentive, but feels that the scheme hasn't achieved what it set out to do.