golden handcuffs

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Golden handcuffs

A contract that binds a broker to a brokerage firm by offering the broker commissions and bonuses, but penalizes the broker if he or she goes to work for another firm.
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Golden Handcuffs

An incentive that makes it very unlikely that an employee will leave a company. For example, an employer may offer an exceptionally good health insurance policy at a reduced cost to an employee. The term has a slightly negative connotation because some believe these incentives reduce innovation in an economy.
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golden handcuffs

A lucrative incentive offered to a firm's executive in order either to keep him or her from moving to a job at another company or to buy the executive's longer-term cooperation after departure.
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In the last 12 months 26 social workers left - some due to retirement and relocation, but some when Calderdale Council offered so-called 'golden handcuffs.'.
GOLDEN HANDCUFFS Shareholders in commodities trader Glencore have overwhelmingly approved its long-awaited $31 billion takeover of miner Xstrata, paving the way for one of the largest tie-ups in the sector to date.
has signed a six-figure golden handcuffs deal to keep him on the cobbles until 2013.
Simon's pounds 20m golden handcuffs deal with ITV is set to expire in December..
The "golden handcuffs" scheme - a new drive to narrow the gulf between rich and poor - will be brought in in around 500 of the toughest secondaries, Children's Secretary Ed Balls said.
"Golden handcuffs" payments worth pounds 10,000; 2.
The Ministry of Public Enterprises has conceded that $3.4m a year has been allocated for its system of "golden handcuffs" that "funds the retention of necessary skills and experience to ensure the continuation of core functions," says Bhabhalazi Bulunga, SAA's human rights general manager, himself the recipient of a R16,000-a-month bonus.
"What I said was I felt golden handcuffs have to be put on the next Scotland manager," he said.
GORDON RAMSAY has signed a four-year golden handcuffs deal with Channel 4.
The various design features you can suggest are: 1) golden handcuffs; 2) cost recovery; 3) motivation for the long-term success of the business; 4) offset "reverse discrimination"; 5) enhancing loyalty; and, 6) leverage of the executive compensation package.