gold certificate

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Gold certificate

Certificate of an investor that shows proof of ownership of gold bullion.

Gold Certificate

A document entitling one to ownership of a certain, stated amount of gold. Most of the time, gold investors hold gold certificates rather than the physical gold itself in order to avoid the expense, security issues, and other difficulties associated with owning gold. However, the holder of the gold certificate can take possession of the gold he/she owns upon demand.

gold certificate

A receipt of ownership for a stated quantity of gold. A certificate, usually issued by a major bank, allows an investor to own gold without actually taking possession of the metal. A commission is generally charged at the time of purchase.
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In the city of New York," Sherman [10, 700] continued, "there is now a commerce going on of over six hundred million dollars, all of which is carried on the gold basis; and so great is the necessity for paper money to represent this gold business that they actually deposit $50,000,000 of gold coin in the Treasury of the United States, and receive gold notes without interest, merely to facilitate the ordinary transaction of .
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