gold certificate

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Gold certificate

Certificate of an investor that shows proof of ownership of gold bullion.

Gold Certificate

A document entitling one to ownership of a certain, stated amount of gold. Most of the time, gold investors hold gold certificates rather than the physical gold itself in order to avoid the expense, security issues, and other difficulties associated with owning gold. However, the holder of the gold certificate can take possession of the gold he/she owns upon demand.

gold certificate

A receipt of ownership for a stated quantity of gold. A certificate, usually issued by a major bank, allows an investor to own gold without actually taking possession of the metal. A commission is generally charged at the time of purchase.
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This year our Gold Certificates are being offered to customers with enhanced security and flexibility, which highlights our role as an innovative, customer-oriented and customer-friendly one-stop financial solution provider.
R] is negative, then the ISA balance rises and the gold certificate account falls in this step.
The settlement, performed in April of each year, equalizes Reserve Bank gold certificate holdings to Federal Reserve notes outstanding.
A spokesperson for the school, in Potters Green, Coventry, said: "Special congratulations go to Harveer Dhillon, who achieved a gold certificate and the highest score in Year 7, and Georgie Nicholls, who achieved a gold certifi-cate and the highest score across both year groups.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Synology America Corp is pleased to announce the launch of its Gold Certificate program, an addition to its Certificate education program intended for Synology SMB/SME resellers in the United States and Canada.
I am proud to say I have just been awarded a RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) gold certificate which is generally regarded as the highest award that a civilian driver can get.
Like the other Champion Achievers he was also honoured with a beautiful Belfast Crystal trophy and a hard-earned gold certificate of achievement.
Depending on how successful they are, businesses will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold certificate which can then be put on display within their premises.
And depending on their success they will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold certificate.
LIVERPOOL Housing Trust has been given a gold certificate from Construction Skills Certification Scheme in recognition of its status as the first housing association to insist onsite workers hold "professional gualified persons" cards.
Treasury's account is charged and the Reserve Banks' gold certificate accounts are lowered.
Mr Stacey said all youngsters who earned the gold certificate will be put in a draw next Easter for the pounds 50.