gold certificate

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Gold certificate

Certificate of an investor that shows proof of ownership of gold bullion.

Gold Certificate

A document entitling one to ownership of a certain, stated amount of gold. Most of the time, gold investors hold gold certificates rather than the physical gold itself in order to avoid the expense, security issues, and other difficulties associated with owning gold. However, the holder of the gold certificate can take possession of the gold he/she owns upon demand.

gold certificate

A receipt of ownership for a stated quantity of gold. A certificate, usually issued by a major bank, allows an investor to own gold without actually taking possession of the metal. A commission is generally charged at the time of purchase.
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Emirates Islamic Gold Certificate offers depositors flexibility to redeem or take back their physical gold bars at any time.
In the first step, the ISA balance is reduced by B, and there is an offsetting increase of B in the Richmond Bank's gold certificate account.
The best in school certificate and gold certificate in the Junior UK Maths Challenge in round one went to year eight student Shehab Al Shehabi, who was also invited to compete in the second round and is still awaiting his result.
The Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Program's "Spring Class of 2012" consists of four Platinum Certificate recipients, 10 Gold Certificate recipients, 12 Silver Certificate recipients and 18 Bronze Certificate recipients.
October 2004--/Ae//Gams Arts & Cultural festival "Ombazu jetu, outonga uetu" Gold Certificate Award.
5, Alternatives will unveil the Gold Certificate and officially start up the water turbine, which provides the mill with hydroelectric power.
PEBS plant is the first factory in India to be awarded the Gold Certificate from the Indian Green Building Council.
5G) panel plant has been awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certificate by the U.
Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, California, US, has been awarded LEED gold certificate by the US Green Building Council.
Hamda Atiq Ahmed Yousuf Al Hammadi and Noura Mohammed Mahmoud Hassan, DWC's Foundation students who took part in the competition, together collected 9687 points and both received a gold certificate.
The facility has received LEED Gold Certificate for environmental sensitivity.
Reach 700 Fazaks and pupils get a gold certificate and access to items including vouchers and phone top up cards.