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The HCX offers a 120W-hour battery capacity and a new motion-detection sensor that protects against capacity loss, which is another reason Collin chose to use it on the set of Going South.
After reading Going South, the meanings of Jewishness to nonreligious Jewish women appear deeply felt, yet abstract and ambiguous.
The van accelerated along Lancaster streets and got onto the Antelope Valley Freeway going south, deputies said.
The economy was going south, but suddenly they realized they were (heading into) a recession.
And in an instant a winnable game against the top team in the Central Division, the Milwaukee Bucks, was going south.
A Lexus driving the 40 mph speed limit smashed into the pickup truck as it was making a left turn from Roscoe to Tampa going south.
Vincent Michael Lizarr of North Hollywood was going south shortly after 3 a.
Less than a minute into the chase, the suspects, who knew they were being followed, ran a red light and crashed into two pickup trucks - one going south and the other north on Sepulveda Boulevard at Lassen Street, officials said.
Fundamentally there's nothing negative, but the stock price is going south,'' said another holder of several thousand units.
To relieve the expected congestion, Moorpark planners said a lane for traffic going south on Spring Road to the realigned segment might be needed.
Fans) don't have to worry that we're going south or something,'' Johnson said of the offcourt controversy that has plagued the Lakers for the past month.