going long

Going long

The investor's purchase of a security for investment or speculation that the price will rise resulting in a profit once the security is sold. See: long position. Antithesis of going short.
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Go Long

To take a long position. That is, one goes long when one buys a security or derivative.
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going long

Buying an investment.
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Michael Burry, whose bet against subprime mortgages prior to the financial crisis was depicted in the book and film "The Big Short," is going long on shares of video game retailer GameStop, Tae Kim of Barron's reports.
On CNBC's "Fast Money Halftime Report," Kevin O'Leary said he's going long the Canadian dollar.
The fervor could be seen in the way they do long treks, some even barefooted, or going long distance for the churches that are part of their Visita Iglesia.
"It looked like it pitched in the hole, jumped up and looked like it was going long because of the height it came out and obviously went in."
A principle bitcoin business where we're going long and short, market making, so far we're not.'
"When they are under pres-sure they do end up going long and playing off the front man.
In contrast, "going long" minimizes the cost throughout the supply chain, especially if combined with collaborative supply chain management activities such as sharing production, marketing, and engineering informa- tion among exploration and production companies, refiners, and manufacturers; sharing of capital investment; and sharing of supply risk through price indexing and the use of options and futures contracts.
"And so, it is a very strong offensive strategy, whereas in soccer, the kick-out is seen as something that you can retain possession if it's short but it is almost as if it is going long, you need to protect yourself.
The concept of portion meals is to boost metabolism, as going long hours without eating triggers our body's mechanism of storing fat.
In winter windy season the size of fish catch declines almost by 50 percent which makes fishermen toil in going long deeper into sea.
Now, he's looking at going long Spanish stocks on the IBEX and shorting U.S.
If, however, you think the price of a market will rise, you can buy a CFD on that market (going long).