going away

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Going away

The type of bond purchased by dealers for immediate resale to investors, as opposed to purchasing a bond to hold for some amount of time, and then reselling it at a future date.

Going Away

1. Buying a bond with the intention to immediately resell it. Dealers practice going away; this only rarely affects the bond's price.

2. Buying a large amount of a serial bond with a given maturity. Institutional investors practice this form of going away most often.

going away

The purchase by institutional investors of large amounts of a serial bond issue in a particular maturity.
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But Geordies buck the trend, with 75% saying they wouldn't even consider going away.
Even those who are not going away have been left short of cash.
The best thing you can do is just explain to your son in advance that you're going away for work.
The debate - between the players, between their fans - isn't going away anytime soon, either.
The home video business is not going away but we're entering an era where we won't see a store on every corner,'' said Brian Eisenbarth, an analyst with Collins & Co.
When travel dates are set, apartment dwellers should tell the building staff or a trusted neighbor - who isn't going away - what those dates are.
Seems a safe bet that Ron shouldn't be looking in his mailbox for an invite to the chief's going away party.
I never got to the point of most people's landmarks where the marriage is going away, or the career is going away,'' Fox said.
Two days before the trainer retires, the Irish filly and her jockey won the $310,900 Santa Barbara Handicap - going away.
I don't see the Good Times hoax going away anytime soon," Jones said.