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Consequently theatres and posters were segregated depending on the economic and cultural makeup of the audience, into A Grade (city), B Grade (suburban and semi-rural), and C Grade (rural)--the first having the largest and most glossily designed posters.
Die, die, die!', then repeats the joke by dialling a number and uttering the final exclamation another three times, each word this time accompanied by a glossily professional image of a rose or bouquet of roses, the diegetic source of which has not yet been revealed.
Could the real reason behind Medlin's reluctance be that the city does not want to call any attention to a transaction in which it glossily overpaid and failed to ensure the sellers' compliance with the terms of the deal?
These include gloriously fragrant homemade mincemeat, a traditional Christmas pudding and a glossily bronzed turkey with all the trimmings.
Chang also records "her makeup was understated, except for the glossily rouged arcs of her lips" (Chang 3).
Even the new doctor was glossily neat, obviously chosen from the same catalogue.
Desire is everywhere in art, sublime or tragic or glossily gorgeous.
There's something rather touching about the earnestness and naivete of some of the performances; others are just plain silly or slightly embarrassing--Carolee Schneemann's glossily presented Body Collage (1967), for example.
Throughout this Duchess, the visual choices manifest in every aspect of the design showed a deeply thoughtful imagination, resulting in a production like that pomegranate--a glossily appealing exterior intentionally compromised to reveal the inner rot, ready for worms.
It is a glossily seductive picture featuring a floating, balloon-like head of Mickey Mouse attached by string to the hand/wing of a man/bird creature in a pinstripe suit.
In addition to the glossily attractive, multilayered websites of multinationals like Random House of Canada, smaller independent publishers are seizing the chance to build Internet communities for their books.
And then he turned to pull down the green window shade, shutting out the cloudless blue serene and the plowed Iowa farm fields we were trundling past, their even rows of earth and sillion shining glossily in the sun.