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Indeed, this unselfconscious fluency in the common tongue readily gives the lie to any notion of 19th-century "Negro inferiority," and it should have been apparent at the time as well.
Which rather gives the lie to all that talk of re-inventing themselves as the party of the people.
Once things get going, she emphatically gives the lie to the myth that women can't write hot and convincing gay male sex scenes.
A look at the stock market over the past 12 months gives the lie to that dream.
The dispatching of troops to the four corners of the Earth gives the lie to a particularly fatuous bit of rightwing theorizing that was popular in the '90s: that the United States is a benign empire, one that rules not by might but by the supposedly gentle forces of commerce and culture.
The department's tardy or incomplete information-sharing has already compromised the prosecution of some of the officers involved in the scandal, and it gives the lie to the department's tale of the success of its internal clean-up effort,'' she said in a statement.
The elephant that symbolizes the Grand Old Party gives the lie to the legend that elephants never forget.
Thus, federal research whose size and comprehensiveness will not readily be equaled gives the lie to the principal claims of America's treatment establishment: that alcoholics can't recover without treatment; that alcoholics can't reduce their drinking to nonproblematic levels; and that alcoholism treatment reliably produces abstinence.
But by immersing herself in the details of what her texts actually say, she both gives the lie to Cunninham's caricature of the historiography of anatomy, and suggests a host of new themes and fruitful connections that should interest cultural and intellectual historians of sixteenth-century Italy, as well as historians of medicine and science.