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gibbus (Figure 4) either among 3-hour intervals ([chi square] = 0.948; df = 7; p [greater than or equal to] 0.05) or between nocturnal and diurnal periods ([chi square] = 0.823; df = 1; p [greater than or equal to] 0.05).
Gibbus deformity was seen 42.9% and was the marker of advanced disease.
Orophiini (a) Xylographus corpulentus Mellie (a) Xylographus gibbus Mellie Xylographellini Scolytocis fritzplaumanni fritzplaumanni Lopes-Andrade TABLE 3.
Serrasalmus rhombeus Triportheus signatus * Crenuchidae Characidium bimaculatum * Curimatidae Curimata macrops * Psetrogaster rhomboides * Steindachnerina notonota * Cynodontidae Cynodon gibbus Erythrinidae Hoplias malabaricus Hemiodontidae Hemiodus argenteus Prochilodontidae Prochilodus lacustris * GYMNOTIFORMES Apteronotidae Apteronotus cf.
Thus, when the anterior and middle columns in vertebrae and discs are destroyed by TB, physiological loading results in a progressive kyphus deformity producing the characteristic external gibbus deformity (13) and paraplegia of late onset due to the internal gibbus (14, 15).
gibbus. The constrained fit produced a more asymptotic growth curve for L.
Mae pysgod hefyd yn erydu cryn dipyn ar y riffiau cwrel, yn enwedig y pysgod parot (Chlorurus gibbus, parrotfish).
gibbus (Splenger, 1794); MLP= 1410, Monte Hermoso (BA).