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GEM (growing equity mortgage)

Mortgage in which annual increases in monthly payments are used to reduce outstanding principal and to shorten the term of the loan.
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In numismatics, a high quality coin. These coins may be valuable as collector's items, though they are illiquid assets. It may also refer to the beauty of the coin regardless of quality.
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growing equity mortgage (GEM)

A home loan arrangement in which the payments are increased each year by a specific amount,with the additional money credited to additional principal reduction. As a result, the loan is paid in full earlier than the normal amortization period.The FHA-
insured GEM program is called a 245(a) loan.

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Geographical as well as production expansion have emerges as some of the key developmental strategies of gemstones market players over the recent years.
My family trades in gemstones, so while helping out in the business, I realised that there were so many fake gemstones in the market.
Taita Taveta is endowed with numerous gemstones, including Tsavorite, ruby, tourmaline, red garnets, green garnets, Tanzanite and iron ore.
Capturing the Northern Lights in Finland to photographing wandering gorillas in Rwanda and flocks of pink flamingos in Mexico, Kim Rix, a born adventurer, took her passion for gemstones, travelling and photography to a new height by putting them together in black and white.
And pink quartz, the gemstone of love, brings the energy of love, flexibility and femininity.
He informed the MPA that they had invested a considerable amount in the gemstone sector and had been playing effective role to get foreign exchange for last 30 years through gemstone exports without any government help.
There are currently more than 1,000 diamond, gemstone and jewellery companies operating in the DMCC Free Zone, making Dubai one of the leading commodity trading marketplaces in the world.
The workshop observed keen participation by all of the focus groups members comprising of the SMEs, the Pakistan Gemstone and Mineral Association (PGMA), Gilgit-Baltistan, Metals, Minerals and Gems Association, and the Directorate of Mines and Minerals.
"The bonded warehouse should enable Danat to better serve its global clients while ensuring the swift and secure arrival of pearl, gemstone and jewellery items to its testing laboratory through Brinks.
KARACHI -- Stakeholders of Pakistan's gem and jewellery sector have set up the first-ever gem bazaar to showcase precious and semi-precious gemstones found in the country.
Besides higher- prices and more in demand gemstones like emerald, pink topaz and ruby, Pakistan has one of the largest deposits of several other gemstone verities.