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GEM (growing equity mortgage)

Mortgage in which annual increases in monthly payments are used to reduce outstanding principal and to shorten the term of the loan.
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In numismatics, a high quality coin. These coins may be valuable as collector's items, though they are illiquid assets. It may also refer to the beauty of the coin regardless of quality.
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growing equity mortgage (GEM)

A home loan arrangement in which the payments are increased each year by a specific amount,with the additional money credited to additional principal reduction. As a result, the loan is paid in full earlier than the normal amortization period.The FHA-
insured GEM program is called a 245(a) loan.

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Among its products are decorative ribbons and bows, boxed greeting cards, gift tags, gift wrap, gift bags, gift boxes, gift card holders, decorative tissue paper, decorations, classroom exchange Valentines, Easter egg dyes and novelties, craft and educational products, stickers, memory books, stationery and journals.Country: USASector: Consumer ProductsTarget: PMG HalloweenBuyer: Gemmy Industries (HK) LimitedVendor: Paper Magic Group Inc , CSS Industries Inc Type: DivestmentStatus: Closed
So, Gemmy's hybridity, which is the historically verified "seed of this fiction" (202), is a hybridity of victimhood, not a traditional colonial encounter.
In the late 1980s, outstanding single and V-twinned crystals of gemmy pale brown diaspore began to reach the international market; various localities have appeared on labels, but generally the specimens come from an emery-mining region between the towns of Aydin and Mugla in southwestern Turkey, inland from the ruins of ancient Ionian Greek cities (e.g.
This notion of inauthenticity is drawn in part from Roland Barthes, whose theory of myth may help us understand why Gemmy fails where Ovid triumphed, and may also help us decide whether anyone in this novel succeeds in escaping the bind of mythic consciousness.
Late in 2009 Scott Kleine of Great Basin Minerals ( did some poking around in a roadcut somewhere in Nevada County, and in a quartz vein exposed there he found some gemmy, lustrous, rich brown crystals of axinite (probably axinite-Fe) averaging 2.5 cm, though the largest one of Scott's batch measures an impressive 4.5 cm.
On the suggestion of the minister's wife, Gemmy is forced to flee his benefactors and goes to work for an old lady after being beaten by barbarous, narrow-minded whites.
Now the makers, Gemmy Industries, have introduced a Christmas Billy Bass which sings "Jingle Bells" and recites "The Night Before Christmas", with both versions retailing at around pounds 30 - which doesn't include legal fees.
Steve Perry's specimens are clusters, on and off matrix, of sharp, lustrous, partially gemmy, typically axe-blade-shaped crystals, with individuals reaching 2 cm; some matrix specimens show associations of tiny albite and quartz crystals, and sparse fibers of palygorskite.
"I had Gemmy my last dog cremated when she died in 1992 and I have her ashes in the safe.
The lustrous, totally gemmy, medium-smoky quartz crystals range in size from a few millimeters to 30 cm.
Gemmy fluorite crystals from Blackdene reach 5 cm on edge, and opaque crystals to 20 cm on edge are known; Lindsay Green bank long kept a decorative piece in his home which features an astonishing 35-cm single crystal (shown on page 74, top).
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