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A situation in which a potential buyer of real estate revises his/her bid for less money before the transaction is finalized. For example, if one originally offers $200,000 and the seller accepts this, a gazunder occurs when one reduces the bid to $175,000. A gazunder is risky because the seller is under no obligation to accept the gazunder. Generally speaking, a gazunder occurs when the buyer is confident that the seller will accept the new price, especially when there are no other potential buyers and real estate prices are crashing.
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An action by a buyer to lower the offer for goods or property after the seller has already mentally spent the purchase money and is emotionally invested in a sale at that time,but immediately before the paperwork is signed. Contrast with gazump.

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"You might think it wouldn't be something we would be interested in, but it is just this kind of everyday household object we need for the new museum - even if it is a gazunder!
Bethan Parry - a chamber pot: "THESE were usually called gazunders because they would 'go under' the bed.
If they don't gazunder, they could potentially find their property has fallen in value before they have even bought it.
I have been gazundered. No, this is nothing to do with a big night out - 'last night was mad.
QA friend of mine was recently gazundered. Can anything be done about this?
If you've been gazumped or gazundered before then you'll be aware of the hassle and heartbreak it can cause."
The good news continues, as the divorcee who was gazundered five months ago sells her house for pounds 685,000 to a far nicer couple.
It's much harder to be gazumped or gazundered if you've got a relationship with them.
In a few years time the world of blarting nippers and mooching keffles, goose-gogs, gazunders and glarnies will have vanished forever.
She believed next year's introduction of home information packs, also known as sellers' packs, would help minimise the risks of being gazundered or gaz- umped.
Another way to make sure you don't end up out of pocket is to take out insurance against the risk of being gazumped or gazundered.