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Dennis, the 69-year-old who has been involved with McLaren since 1980, appeared at the High Court in London on Friday in a bid to prevent the team's board from placing him on gardening leave until his contract was due to expire in January.
While on gardening leave he held two well-paid management posts elsewhere.
He's earned his gardening leave, the circumstances were out of his control, and it would be improper for us to even suggest we wouldn't honour his contract in full.
Both women are currently on gardening leave and will potentially be out of action for 12 months, unless the two groups come to an agreement to shorten the terms of their respective contracts.
Lowe will join ex-McLaren ace Lewis Hamilton, already at Mercedes, although he will see out his contract on gardening leave before being released to Brackley for 2014, the report added.
That's what independent think tank The New Economics Foundation (NEF) argues in a call for a new, voluntary scheme for a shorter working week, referred to as National Gardening Leave.
Now, after nine months on gardening leave, Corcoran takes the reins as Betfair's new chief executive allowing interim chief executive Stephen Morana to step aside.
Harry (Peter Firth) starts the first episode on gardening leave but is swiftly back on the Grid in the thick of the action when a Cold War colleague is found murdered.
Terry Burton, Paul Wilkinson and Alex Armstrong have been placed on gardening leave at the club until their contracts are resolved or other opportunities are found," the statement read.
McLean is currently on gardening leave and would move to Australia from London, and is expected to start attending to his new duties in May.
Rev Deiniol Rhys spent nine months on gardening leave as the church tried to heal a rift between him and parishioners
Di Matteo was relieved of his duties and placed on gardening leave on Sunday following a 3-0 defeat to Manchester City - the Baggies' 13th loss in 18 games in all competitions.