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There is a bit of a gap opening up as St Johnstone have managed to go on a good run and have stretched away slightly.
There was a small gap opening at the bottom and we don't want it to get any bigger.
Despite the prospect of a major gap opening up after three games, Marshall does not believe it is necessarily a game Scotland must take something from.
Kimi Raikkonen's dismal seventh-place finish, behind Ferrari's Felipe Massa, has killed off any chance of a title challenge from the Lotus driver, with a 67-point gap opening up between him and Vettel.
There is an unhealthy gap opening up between the bottom three and the rest, with Stour now six points - more than a bonus-point win - adrift of fourth-bottom Barking.
For example, if you programmed a 20% bushing angle and a 27% mandrel angle, a large movement of the annulus gap would be necessary with very little difference in the gap opening through this range.
Steve Walker, chief executive of ART, said: "ART was established in 1997, with both private and public sector backing, to fill a gap opening up in the market.
Many of the senior workers at Unity are in their 50s and there is a skills gap opening up when it comes to new developments underground.
Blaze need to win to prevent a larger gap opening up between themselves in fifth place and the rest of the leading pack.
We are still in recession, and, despite the successes of 2008 and the laudable economic growth, Liverpool is still languishing in the bottom five - albeit there is a gap opening up between the city and those other struggling regions below it.
Of course a win would be three more points under our belt with the gap opening up further but there are still 15 games to go, Roma believe in themselves and Milan believe in themselves," he said.
On top of that, there is now a four-point gap opening up between the bottom three and the rest of the league, and this has not gone unnoticed by Bell, inset.