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Nexus (of contracts)

A set or collection of something.

Nexus of Contracts

Any contract or other thing that is related to anything else, especially something that causes something else.
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Pannexin 1 and pannexin 3 are glycoproteins that exhibit many distinct characteristics from the connexin family of gap junction proteins.
Transient white matter lesions in X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1 with novel I20T mutation of gap junction protein beta 1 gene (in Chinese).
Diverse gap junctions are found between various retinal neurons, (40,41) and electrical transmission through gap junctions serves various lateral interactions.
Also, as shown by previous studies, ischaemic reperfusion injury causes rapid dephosphorylation of hexameric structure on cardiomyocyte membrane gap junctions of cardiomyocytes and leads the dominant form of Cx43 degradation within first few hours.
Structure of the gap junction channel and its implications for its biological functions.
ROS also increase fibrosis and impair gap junction conduction, resulting in reduced myocyte coupling.
At the cumulus cells, MAPK activity is likely to trigger the expression of Meiosis Activating Sterol [MAS] from cumulus to oocyte through gap junctions and will induce MPF.
Gap junction formation in myometrium; Control by estrogens progesterone and prostaglandins.
Notwithstanding the undisputed importance of the synaptic connections and their assisted delivery of messages from the splanhnic nerve to the adrenal chromaffine cells, the gap junction mediating communication serves as an ideal structure to promote intercellular connections in the adrenal medulla.
Citation: "Formation of functional gap junctions in amniotic fluid-derived stem cells induced by transmembrane co-culture with neonatal rat cardiomyocytes"; Jennifer Petsche Connell et al.
In order to study the role of GJIC in facilitating progesterone production in GCs in response to androstenedione 18aGA, a gap junction inhibitor, was used.
Alterations in gap junction organization and connexin expression have gained wider acceptance in contributing to abnormal impulse propagation and arrhythmias in acquired adult heart disease (Imanaga 2010; Song et al.