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Galena flotation parameters Parameters Conditions Roughing Cleaning Re-cleaning Grind size of ore 80% -74[micro] 98% -74[micro] 98% -74[micro] Agitation speed 1100 rpm 1000 rpm 900 rpm Pulp density 30% Solids 20% Solids 15% Solids pH of pulp ~9 ~9 ~9 Gangue depressant 300 g/t 150 g/t 100 g/t (Sodium silicate) Pyrite depressant 150 g/t 70 g/t 50 g/t (Sodium cyanide) Sphalerite depressant Nil 200 g/t 100 g/t (Zinc sulphate) Collector (Potassium 70 g/t 50 g/t Nil ethyl xanthate) Frother (Polypropylene 30 g/t 20 g/t Nil glycol) Conditioning time 5 min 5 min 5 min Flotation time 15 min 15 min 15 min Table 5.
A violencia e a transgressao sao apontadas pelos jovens como elementos diferenciadores entre gangue e galera, mas o que chama a atencao e um fato, ja assinalado por Diogenes (1998) em sua pesquisa sobre gangues e galeras na cidade de Fortaleza: <toda gangue e uma galera, mas nem toda galera e gangue>.
2] in the raw coal gangue is shown in Table 1, which is the target material to be extracted out for using as precursor of silica aerogel preparation.
19) Thrasher indicou igualmente que a participacao em gangues se desenvolve de forma preferencial em certas fases da vida (sabidamente entre o fim da adolescencia e a entrada na vida adulta).
Ou seja, ainda que, em termos de mecanismos formais, o efeito de gangue esteja disponivel desde o primeiro estagio de aquisicao de linguagem, ele somente comeca ase fazer sentir a medida que as criancas vao descobrindo os pesos corretos das restricoes, atraves da promocao de fidelidade, motivada pela evidencia positiva com exemplares de estruturas marcadas, movimentacao essa prevista pelo algoritmo.
In these tailings are contained the same minerals of the ore and gangue, which like the mineral veins on weathering release into soils the composing metals.
Cilliers, "The Entrainment of Gangue into a Flotation Froth," Int.
For most ores, at about 3 to 5 microns it becomes increasingly difficult to control and exploit the differences in surface properties with the accuracy needed to depress gangue and to float concentrate [10, 11].
all unhewn as if not yet out of the gangue of the maker's mind--
Akzo notes that a typical distribution of gangue depressant addition is:
Preliminary petrographic, cathodoluminescence, and reflected light studies on carbonate cements and associated gangue and ore m inerals have reviled a complex fluid chemistry associated with mineralization, characteristic of many Paleozoic Mississippi Valley-type deposits.
EPDC) said Wednesday it will invest some 310 million yen in a Chinese power project which makes use of gangue, or worthless minerals, from coal mining.