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6% of the entire sample had gambled online in the past year, 25% started wagering online before they reached 18 years, and 66.
Half of this group said they experienced debt as a result of gambling; half had gambled to get money to buy drugs; and a small number used drugs while they gambled.
Whether or not their parents actually gambled excessively, the important point is that their perception may influence their own assessment of their gambling behaviour.
The amount of money gambled is related to the respondent's perception of how important religion is in his or her life.
Pete Wilson's staff that said Californians gambled nearly $3.
The majority of adults in California (83%) have gambled some time in their lives.
People have gambled since the dawn of civilization.
Its previous surveys indicated much-smaller numbers, such as the findings in 1975 that 61% of the public gambled and 63% as recently as 1998.
In adolescence, the entire sample had gambled for money at least once, and 18% regularly.
According to Las Vegas homicide detectives, Iverson arrived at the Primadonna shortly after midnight the Sunday before Memorial Day and left his daughter and 14-year-old son in the basement video arcade while he gambled.
We gambled because it's fun to do, every once in a while.
The amount gambled on poker websites around the world is estimated to be more than USD 60 billion for 2005.