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A security that increase in price during a trading day. That is, a gainer has a higher price at the close than it did at the open. See also: Loser.


A security that has risen in price during a specified period. Compare loser.


Stocks that increase in value over the course of the trading day are described as gainers or advancers.

Those that increase the most in relation to their opening price are called percentage gainers, or percentage winners. Those that go up the greatest number of points are called net gainers, or dollar winners.

On a day that the stock market indexes go up, there are typically more gainers than there are losers or laggards -- stocks that have lost value. And on a day where there's little change, there are likely to be similar numbers of gainers and losers.

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Emirates NBD was the top gainer as its shares rose to Dh13.5 -- a 14.85% rise -- and with traded shares valued at Dh324.32 million.
From 1989 to 2010, the Net Gainers score was constantly double-digit negative.
It is due to a two-point decrease in the percentage of gainers and a one-point increase in the percentage of losers.
Diamond Bank Plc, FCMB Holdings Plc, Fidelity Bank Plc, Wema Bank Plc and Dangote Sugar top the gainer's chart while Mobil Plc top the loser's chart followed by Neimeth Plc, Cutix, Cadbury and May and Baker.
The occupation has not only been good for business, Gainer said, but it's been a record January, normally a dead time of year for the
after weekend the decrease started immediately and continued downward until Friday) whereas weight gainers had more variability between days and no clear decrease during weekdays.
To the low gainers, the view of physics as CONCEPTS means physics deals with ideas, a mere listing of words and pieces of information without mention or explanation of meaning and connectivity.
Top gainer share was (REAM), and biggest loser was the (CABLETV) stock.
Which was the most active stock in terms of the value traded, that of Dh60.47 million, was among the top five gainers, advancing 3.70 per cent to Dh4.20.
Decliners were led by securities, warehouse and oil sectors, while gainers included steel, mining and whole sale issues.
TEN GAINERS BY PERCENTAGE (with closing prices at least $1)
ATEbank (15.09 pc), Piraeus Bank (11.98 pct), Eurobank (10.50 pct) and Alpha Bank (11.30 pct) were top gainers. The Big Cap index soared 5.30 pct, the Mid Cap index rose 2.87 pct and the Small Cap index ended 2.30 pct higher.