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A security that increase in price during a trading day. That is, a gainer has a higher price at the close than it did at the open. See also: Loser.


A security that has risen in price during a specified period. Compare loser.


Stocks that increase in value over the course of the trading day are described as gainers or advancers.

Those that increase the most in relation to their opening price are called percentage gainers, or percentage winners. Those that go up the greatest number of points are called net gainers, or dollar winners.

On a day that the stock market indexes go up, there are typically more gainers than there are losers or laggards -- stocks that have lost value. And on a day where there's little change, there are likely to be similar numbers of gainers and losers.

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Mr Thomas knew that the other man was a Thai boxer so took Gaine outside to defuse the situation.
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My good brother yesterdaye as I walked in the halle at the Boyle ther came in to me one the sudden one of the mguires [who] presentlie I demaundinge what he was; he answered That he was a poore mann and had some secret busines with me whervpon I wente asyde and tooke Renoldes to interpret betweene vs; and at the firste he asked me what I would giue him to bringe the Souldiors where Tumultaghe bane, Edmonde Duffe and xxx knaues more weare keepinge of their Christmas for they holde their feaste as the Papists dothe to wch I aunswered I woulde giue him tenne libri but he made a pogh at that and saide I woulde gaine his mantell full of golde for Tumultaghe Bane his heade onely.
Dr Sean Gaine said 7,000 a year die here from the effects of tobacco.
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His widow said in a lawsuit of 1632 that the lease was for "certaine Roomes" in the Red Bull and the moiety "or full halfe parte of the yarde play house and attiring house parcell of the sayde Messuage or Tenement with the Appurtenances there then erected and builded by the saide Aron [Holland] or his assignes and allsoe the Moytie or full halfe parte of all the money profitt commodity gaine and aduauntage of all such Playes Prizes shewes or other thinges whatsoeuer to be made showed acted done or procured to be done within the saide Playhouse or yard or any parte thereof and the moitye or full halfe parte of all such Rents and yearely profitts to come grow arise or be made of and vppon the saide ground wherevppon the saide playhouse standeth.
Hierdie formulering kan gesien word as 'n samevatting van 'n bepaalde diskoers oor interpretasie, 'n soort handves vir dekonstruktiewe interpretasie en toon duidelik waarom hier nie sprake kan wees van 'n metode in die gewone sin van die woord nie, maar eerder van 'n weg of selfs wee wat geopen word deur die leeshandeling:</p> <pre> A text is not a text unless it hides from the first corner, from the first glance, the law of its composition and the rules of its gaine.
It had taken almost two decades to recover from the deficit left by President Ronald Reagan but now the country was ahead of the gaine.
2]) is located in MC's Gaine Hunting Area (GHA) 26 with the centre being at approximately latitude 50[degrees] 50' 26" and longitude 95[degrees] 30' 30".
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