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A security that increase in price during a trading day. That is, a gainer has a higher price at the close than it did at the open. See also: Loser.


A security that has risen in price during a specified period. Compare loser.


Stocks that increase in value over the course of the trading day are described as gainers or advancers.

Those that increase the most in relation to their opening price are called percentage gainers, or percentage winners. Those that go up the greatest number of points are called net gainers, or dollar winners.

On a day that the stock market indexes go up, there are typically more gainers than there are losers or laggards -- stocks that have lost value. And on a day where there's little change, there are likely to be similar numbers of gainers and losers.

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After Gaine left, Mr Thomas got a text from him saying "you're lucky you are not at home big man, see you in the morning".
Gaine theoretical considerations show that all that is needed to give trust a chance is the ambiguity or uncertainty on the part of the players as to which of the two basic situations of distrust in fact obtains: which game was picked by nature for them to play.
In fact, the purpose of this speech by Gaine was to open a meeting of booksellers and printers in New York so that they might reduce competition and raise profits.
Earth's only defense is a single employee of the interstellar Gaine & Wildlife Service, which puts the humans in the position of the spotted owl
By putting the consumer first and using technology to streamline supply chain processes, manufacturing and foodservice companies alike achieve efficiencies and cost savings that could not have been gaine without such collaboration.
Thus, it would take a tremendous rebound in stocks, especially NASDAQ technology stocks where the appreciation was earlier gaine d and then lost, to restore balance sheets to big consumer spending-inducing levels.
De la recuperation de l'histoire par les scientifiques et les politiques a l'invitation aux debats contradictoires de presumes coupables, en passant par les multiples rafistolages du bilan final du genocide, le negationnisme sous ses multiples masques est la forme la plus mesquine, la plus feutree d'entretien de la gaine genocidaire, parce qu'il nie ce qui a ete et fait l'eloge de ce qui ne fut point.
In the brief" Governments gaine & goodness & c.
One fan, Mr Adrian Gaine, of Longbridge, said: "Technically, I suppose you have to agree they are in the right, but I think this is one of those situations where surely a little common sense is called for.
At about the same time the Hackers were experimenting with CoEnzyme Q10, John and Angela Gaine of Goshen, New York, were ready to try Co-Q10 for their two-year-old son Daniel.
97) Thus William Harrison's Description of Britaine, which prefaces Holinshed's Chronicles, applauds the new prosperity of the English yeoman, whose hard labor has reaped "faire garnish of pewter on his cupbord, with so much more in od vessell going about the house, three or foure featherbeds, so manie couerlids and carpets of tapistrie, a siluer salt, a bowie for wine (if not an whole neast) and a dozzen of spoones to furnish vp the sute" - a precarious cultural triumph, since, Harrison continues, "men of great port and countenance [that is, aristocrats] are so farre from suffering their farmers to haue anie gaine at all, that they themselues .