future interest

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Future Interest

In real estate, ownership of a property without the right to use it at present. For example, the owner of an apartment has a future interest if she rents it to a tenant. She may own the apartment, but the tenant has the right to live there. Generally, the owner may enter without permission or at least prior notice.

future interest

Interest in land in which the possession and enjoyment are deferred until a future date.

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Lloyds Bank, part of the British government backed lender Lloyds Banking Group, on Wednesday revealed that more than two thirds of businesses say future interest rate rises are a cause for concern.
UBS incurred a small loss of around CHF 75 million on this transaction, which we expect to recover within approximately one year through the reduction in future interest expense.
As a result, no gift of a future interest can be excluded from gift taxation using the annual exclusion.
In Figure 1, the graph of the future interest rate (1 month) shows that the information in the Inflation Report of June 28, 2002, changed the public's expectations.
How many universal life policies have been sold with premiums based on blatantly false mortality projections, assumed increases in future interest rates and assumed lapse funding?
2503-3 distinguishes a future interest from a present one.
Among the highlights on the second day of the conference, CLTC picked one lucky winner from among those who took the time to answer a few short questions about their present or future interest in home health care and about their interest in attending CLTC's sister trade show and convention, Medtrade.
Their reason: The hint of future interest rate increases "and the company's plan to maintain a relatively flat balance sheet," which could hurt earning asset growth.
From the government's perspective, using those surpluses to pay down the federal debt will reduce future interest payments and free up future tax revenue; from the macroeconomic perspective, the increase in national saving represented by the increase in government saving will lead to a larger capital stock, higher productivity, and an improved standard of living.
In the absence of an express requirement of survival, a remainder beneficiary has a transmissible future interest-a future interest that passes through the remainder beneficiary's probate estate if he or she predeceases the distribution date.

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