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Fundamental Information

The facts that affect a company's underlying value. Examples of fundamental information include debt, cash flow, supply of and demand for the company's products, and so forth. For instance, if a company does not have a sufficient supply of products, it will fail. Likewise, demand for the product must remain at a certain level in order for it to be successful. Strong fundamental information is considered essential for long-term success and stability. See also: Value investing, Fundamental analysis.


The basic economic, financial, and operating factors that influence the success of a business and the price of its securities. Fundamentals of a security include the price-earnings ratio, dividend payout, and earnings-per-share growth.
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The net upshot is that as talk of default in large emerging market economies such as Brazil and Russia recedes into the distant past as those countries' economic fundamentals improve, questions about the sustainability of the public debt situations of countries such as Greece, Portugal, and Italy will come to the fore.
One would think that you couldn't sustain a system where cap rates are shrinking and yet fundamentals are not doing well.
Just be sure your shop hasn't altered the fundamentals of green sand preparation by mistake.
The terms in a fundamental deal usually lack many downside protection features because demand for the PIPE is high.
During a May 22, 2003, credit management panel discussion hosted by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve and attended by representatives of financial services organizations and community and consumer groups, consensus was reached on the following five fundamental practices:
Multex Fundamentals meets OneSource's stringent quality standards for best-of-breed company and financial information," noted Bill Schumacher, senior vice president of Content, at OneSource.
Further, they must convince the organization to embrace this view, to understand that technology drives fundamental management issues of strategy and vision that extend far beyond the IT purview and levels of competency.
Since the 1960s, researchers have developed several models to account for pitch perception, but all have shared the idea that the brain sorts through incoming overtones one by one until it has enough information to infer a missing fundamental.
Conditionality of rights and obligations is another characteristic that distinguishes between fundamental financial instruments.
This course will enable employees to understand the fundamentals of Islamic Finance providing a comprehensive foundational learning experience on basic definitions, concepts, rules, transaction structures, cases and issues relating to the subject.
Softball Fundamentals is the best way to master the basics of the sport as you play.

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