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Fundamental Information

The facts that affect a company's underlying value. Examples of fundamental information include debt, cash flow, supply of and demand for the company's products, and so forth. For instance, if a company does not have a sufficient supply of products, it will fail. Likewise, demand for the product must remain at a certain level in order for it to be successful. Strong fundamental information is considered essential for long-term success and stability. See also: Value investing, Fundamental analysis.


The basic economic, financial, and operating factors that influence the success of a business and the price of its securities. Fundamentals of a security include the price-earnings ratio, dividend payout, and earnings-per-share growth.
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Harmonics are whole number multiples of the fundamental frequency, such as x 2, x 3, x 4, etc.
6, the fundamental frequency of concrete beams showed no obvious changes, which was consistent with the conclusion of Saiid [17] obtained through experiments.
This is because the velocity fluctuations at the fundamental frequency become weaker.
The effect of this aging test was tested by quantifying the fundamental frequency of a sample of floor specimens and then applying a cyclic load that caused an equivalent moment to that caused by 50 percent of the design live load, and then comparing the frequencies before and after the cyclic loading was applied.
In our study, the cigar-smoking group also had a significantly lower fundamental frequency and habitual pitch compared to the control group.
The fundamental frequency, which varies according to the vocal emission under evaluation: consonant or vocal pronunciation.
This problem is associated with the error allowed by the coefficients and multiples of the fundamental frequency.
The percentage increment in the fundamental frequency for the modelling with 20% opening ranges from 173.
Keywords: Soil profile; Damping ratio; Ground motion record; Response spectra; Fundamental frequency
where v is the wave velocity in concrete and f, is equal to the fundamental frequency of the reflected signal spectrum.
The equivalent scheme of the circuit part between the inverter output and the electric grid for the fundamental frequency is presented in Fig.
As air passed through the disembodied larynx in the lab, flapping vocal cords re-created sounds similar to an elephant's infrasonic blast in the lowest-pitched vibration, called the fundamental frequency.

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