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Fundamental Information

The facts that affect a company's underlying value. Examples of fundamental information include debt, cash flow, supply of and demand for the company's products, and so forth. For instance, if a company does not have a sufficient supply of products, it will fail. Likewise, demand for the product must remain at a certain level in order for it to be successful. Strong fundamental information is considered essential for long-term success and stability. See also: Value investing, Fundamental analysis.


The basic economic, financial, and operating factors that influence the success of a business and the price of its securities. Fundamentals of a security include the price-earnings ratio, dividend payout, and earnings-per-share growth.
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The testing presented in this article used heel drop to quantify the fundamental frequency to represent practical use conditions.
The percentage increment in fundamental frequency for 'frame + shear wall + slab + Stair' modelling and that for the 'frame + shear wall + slab' modelling are extremely close to each other, where the former is very slightly lower than the latter.
Further correlated components are ASC and AFF, which both heavily depend on the fundamental frequency.
This parameter provides a value of the gain or loss through a device either at the fundamental frequency or converted to a higher harmonic frequency.
We only hear the harmonics of such sounds, or multiples of that fundamental frequency.
The fundamental frequency measures were automatically taken at the beginning and end of each syllable.
010 Fundamental frequency 84 Hz 70 Hz 74 Hz Dynamic range 54-90 dB 52-88 dB 54-92 dB Frequency range 62-196 Hz 65-170 Hz 60-188 Hz VHI 48 44 46 * R = roughness, B = breathiness, and H = hoarseness.
Thus the load and the passive filter draw only fundamental frequency currents from the utility.
Those frequencies are two, three, or other-integer multiples of the fundamental frequency.
Many low-frequency noises obscured the first harmonic (fundamental frequency) of the call; therefore, I measured the peak frequency of the harmonic nearest the fundamental frequency because it was clearly visible in all spectrograms (Fig.
The time-deflection signal was recorded by oscilloscope and used to measure the fundamental frequency of each joist.

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