functional structure

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Fig. 43 Functional structure. A typical example.

functional structure

an ORGANIZATION structure where activities are grouped into DEPARTMENTS by function, and formal COORDINATION occurs at the apex. (See Fig. 43). Such structures provide a generally effective means of coordination both within departments and across the organization as a whole, when there is a single product or service. They also provide clear career paths for functional specialists, though there is a possibility that loyalty to departments will displace loyalty to the organization. Functional structures become less appropriate when an organization diversifies - it can be difficult to adapt functions to possibly varying product or service requirements since the centralization of authority in this model tends to encourage uniformity.

This type of structure is often referred to as ‘U-form’ since authority within the organization can be traced up the CHAIN OF COMMAND to a unitary source. See PRODUCT-BASED STRUCTURE, MATRIX STRUCTURE, CRITICAL FUNCTION STRUCTURE.

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Antoine El Khoury, managing director of TAMEER, said: "We will turn this functional structure into street art that has a soul," he stated.
He stressed his endeavours to achieve the demands of the workers including the rewarding terms of service, law and functional structure that organizes the work and utilizes the capabilities and expertise of SUNA employees to achieve national interests in defending the gains and provide a proper working environment to ensure the continuation of work and the institution, particularly that the successful media work and initiatives can only be achieved in a harmonious and consistent working environment, stressing the state's concern with media, promotion and development of its mechanisms and work tools.
Under the new system, Shiseido will rein force the brand business structure in the China region and its supporting corporate functional structure in order to enhance brand appeal to Chinese consumers and strengthen market execution.
As with the concept of minimizing contact and trauma to the functional structures of the cochlea during insertion, a perimodiolar electrode also minimizes trauma and maintains integrity of the functional structure of the lateral wall on explant.
The Pugliese Company believes that an architecturally beautiful and functional structure will add value to the both the community and the project.
The Acutus AcQMap High Resolution Imaging and Mapping System, our diagnostic platform, is a technology that reveals the electrical conduction of the whole heart chamber along with the heart wall motion (functional structure).
LFG distinguishes two levels of representation to each sentence of the language, this approach presents these two completely different formalisms: trees form or Constituent structure (c-structure) and functional structure represent grammatical functions like subject and object and the relation between them as attribute-value matrices (f-structure).
Chapter 5 focuses on the functional structure of image-nuclear news stories.
Functional Structure in Morphology and the Case of Nonfinite Verbs: Theoretical Issues and the Description of the Danish Verb System
Different missions may stimulate different physical structure which can affect the style of functional structure F(t) greatly.

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