fully invested

Fully invested

Used to describe an investor whose assets are totally committed to investments (typically stock) rather than in cash.

Fully Invested

Describing a fund or company that has committed all or nearly all of its capital to securities. For example, a fully invested mutual fund keeps little or none of its capital in money market accounts, but rather places it in bonds or stock. A fully invested company is bullish on the future performance of the market.

fully invested

To have committed nearly all available funds to assets other than short-term investments such as savings and money market accounts. Fully invested is generally used in reference to institutional investors such as mutual funds or trust departments and indicates that these investors are very bullish.
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In the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) Summit, GSIS president Robert Vergara said he was expecting the $625-million infrastructure fund spearheaded by the GSIS to be fully invested in the next 18 to 20 months.
The Fund is on target for an annualised yield of over eight per cent with quarterly cash dividends once fully invested.
Do you plan to retire Tuesday but are fully invested in highly volatile stocks?
Although Mack's SEP is fully invested in stocks, she has conservative holdings, too.
Enacted in July 2005 and fully invested this month, the law mandates five steps:
Fund VII is one year ahead of being fully invested, which is expected to occur by the spring of 2007.
MassMutual determines the allocation, and investors must remain fully invested.
Unlike Terry Richardson, whose work seems fully invested in the dream of making commercial fashion transgressive or trangression fashionable, Kern doesn't pretend that image culture is a nonstop party.
Henry Cecil has been enjoying a successful spell recently and it could pay dividends to follow his useful Fully Invested in the pounds 60,000 Peugeot Sun Chariot Stakes, a Group Two contest over a mile.
In addition, the failures of Wellbeing in the Sagitta Jockey Club Stakes on Friday, Curtain Time on Saturday and former Oaks favourite Fully Invested on Sunday appeared to give real cause for concern.
Henry Cecil introduced a useful youngster at Lingfield yesterday in Fully Invested.
Fully Invested was given a quote of 50-1 by Victor Chandler for the Sagitta 1000 Guineas after coasting home on her racing debut.

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