fully distributed

Fully distributed

A new stock issue that has been completely resold to the investing public and is no longer held by dealers.
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Fully Distributed

Describing a new issue of a security that underwriters or dealers have sold in total to the general public. All trading on a security after it has been fully distributed occurs on the secondary market. See also: Primary market.
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fully distributed

Of or relating to a new issue of securities that has been sold out.
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Terma is presenting JIMAPS; a versatile C4ISR platform that supports operational requirements in all sections of the intelligence cycle, ranging from a fully distributed Joint C4ISR System to smaller tactical ISR Systems.
The fully distributed ledger processes transactions with a twelve-second average block time and is secure against majority hash rate attacks.
All the money raised has now been fully distributed to families who lost loved ones, those who were seriously injured and to support groups and organisations providing psychological or other help.
It should have been fully distributed. We should have pushed all the power back out to the markets with some basic guidelines.
In conjunction with the sale, TC Energy also expects that Northern Courier Pipeline will undertake a financing of long-term, non-recourse debt, the proceeds of which are expected to be fully distributed to TC Energy.
The treated trays are being deployed by SPM to it's network of airports that use SPM's proprietary security screening trays, and will be fully distributed by the end of the summer.
So the way these communities are going to be served in the longterm is through fully distributed small scale solar home systems." he said.
Further, this pre-merger distribution is expected to be fully distributed before the acquired fund's accumulated undistributed net investment income (UNII) before the reorganisation, becomes effective.
Unlike iCloud and Flickr (and Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos), Textile Photos uses a next-generation file system called Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a fully distributed, secure and encrypted service.
ETELM's 4G Linked portfolio is a range of revolutionary products designed for the radio communications market, linking both Narrowband and Broadband into a single, fully distributed LTE core network.
"Because each node on a public blockchain has as much transmission and receipt power as any other, they are not only decentralized, but fully distributed. This fits well with startups and companies, which want to raise funding to promote their business ideas with little paperwork, and investors seeking a high return with greater accessibility to company details," Choi said during an interview in Seoul, last week.

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