fully depreciated

Fully depreciated

An asset that has already been charged with the maximum amount of depreciation allowed by the IRS for accounting purposes.

Fully Depreciated

An asset that has, over time, depreciated to no book value. A company may no longer write off part of the value of a fully depreciated asset because, legally speaking, there is no value. However, the fully depreciated asset may still be used because depreciation often bears only a rough relationship to an asset's actual usable life.

fully depreciated

Of or relating to a fixed asset that has been depreciated to a book value of zero. An asset can be fully depreciated and still be used.
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Section 13201 of this bill allows "plants bearing fruits and nuts" to be fully depreciated in the year they are planted.
An LLC's building, and other depreciable property, would be 'qualified property' for purposes of the new test, as long as the LLC had not fully depreciated the property.
was a fully depreciated, non-revenue generating asset owned by EchoStar.
EchoStar III is owned by EchoStar and is a fully depreciated, non-revenue generating asset.
In the 2014 Nationwide Partial Priority Program for Repair of Emergency Vehicles, auditors reported that 112 out of BFP's 123 vehicles, or a whopping 91 percent of the bureau's entire fleet nationwide, including Metro Manila, were fully depreciated and beyond repair.
The net effect of the addback and deduction is a $15,000 deduction in 2015 with deductions of $17,000 each subsequent year until the asset is fully depreciated.
When property has been expensed or fully depreciated, there is zero basis, so no casualty loss deduction can be claimed.
As an example, TUNet can be deployed as an overlay system for utilities with existing AMR assets, such as PLC or ERT (encoder receiver transmitter) technology which have yet to be fully depreciated.
This method assumes that nearly all assets are fully depreciated at the end of their lives, at which point they have zero value and are discarded.
All new equipment within last three years not fully depreciated.
this decision (to raise more capital), Air France-KLM group has fully depreciated its Alitalia shares," the airline said in financial notes released with its third-quarter results.
We're also talking to customers who may have a solution in place, like a picking mezzanine, that isn't fully depreciated.

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