full-service brokerage firm

Full-Service Broker

A brokerage that provides transaction services in addition to research and investment advice. That is, a full-service broker works with clients to determine and execute clients' investment goals; brokers may conduct the transactions the clients direct or they may independently manage portfolios for clients. Full-service brokerage firms provide individual services, and, as a result, charge much higher commissions than discount brokerage firms. However, they are not as exclusive as boutiques.
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full-service brokerage firm

A brokerage firm that provides a wide range of services and products to its customers, including research and advice. Compare discount brokerage firm.
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Full-service brokerage firm.

Full-service brokerage firms usually offer their clients a range of services in addition to executing their buy and sell orders.

These firms usually have full-time research departments and investment analysts who provide information the firm's brokers share with clients.

In addition, some employees of the firm may be qualified to provide investment advice, develop financial plans, or design strategies for meeting financial goals.

Full-service firms tend to charge higher commissions and fees than discount brokerage firms or firms that operate only online. However, some full-service firms offer online services and reduce their fees for transactions handled though a client's online account.

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He has previously served more than 10 years as CEO of RBC Wealth Management (NYSE: RY) (TSX: RY), a full-service brokerage firm with nearly 2,000 financial advisors and over USD280bn in assets.
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While a typical full-service brokerage firm charges several hundred dollars for an investor to buy or sell 100 shares, this fee is clearly shown.
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