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Big Figure

The whole dollar amount of a quote. For example, if a security is trading at $26.45, its big figure is 26. Many traders do not include the big figure when providing quotes, especially for highly liquid assets like currencies, because they assume other traders already know them. The big figure is also called a handle, especially in the United States.
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In France, the opening of a full-scale inquiry does not imply guilt.
Loading characteristics, including the mean and fluctuating wind pressure distributions, the power-spectral density, the coherence function, the probability density function, and the spatial correlation, are extracted from the original full-scale wind pressure time-history samples of nonstationarity and the processed stationary samples, respectively.
But to describe it as a full-scale prison riot is, in my view, inaccurate.
Muscat: The Suhail Bahwan Group yesterday conducted a full-scale fire drill and evacuation exercise in one of its prominent commercial buildings, Al Rawaq, in Qurum.
Here's a look in photos of the progression of the protests into full-scale rioting throughout the country.
"In 2016, a full-scale model of anaerobic power plant, designed at "Rubin", will be ready, and the following year, 2017, this system may be installed at the first Lada submarine project 677," he said.
THE Specials, last seen at the Olympics closing ceremony in Hyde Park, have lined up a full-scale tour for the spring.
The emirate of Ras al-Khaimah set to play host to the world's first full-scale clean-coal fired, carbon-capture power plant.
19 at the company's West Texas launch site, firing its pusher escape motor and launching a full-scale suborbital crew capsule from a simulated propulsion module.
said their joint venture plant in Russia began full-scale production Wednesday as the automakers try to expand their business in the emerging economy.
Summary: Syria is on the brink of full-scale civil war following the latest violence in the country, United Nations secretary general has warned.
Accuracy specifications are now [+ or -] 0.075% of full-scale voltage/current programming and [+ or -] 0.2% of full-scale voltage/current monitoring.

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