frozen account

Frozen account

A disciplinary action taken by the Federal Reserve Board for some violation of Regulation T, where an individual investor cannot sell securities until they are paid for in full and certificates delivered.

Frozen Account

A bank account that the customer may not use because of a debt that has not been paid. This means that money can neither go into nor come out of an account. A creditor is allowed to freeze an account for up to twice the amount owed if the debtor is consistently delinquent. The account remains frozen until the debt is settled or the creditor is otherwise satisfied. Generally speaking, an account holder is notified in writing that his/her account has been frozen, but this is not always the case.

frozen account

A brokerage account in which a customer must pay in full before securities are bought and must deliver certificates before securities are sold. An account is frozen when a customer fails to maintain the proper margin required by Regulation T. Compare freeriding.
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Consumers complain of trouble resolving problems: Consumers complained that when they submitted claims about stolen funds, they experienced prolonged investigations, leaving them unable to access the funds on their frozen account.
The mayor Metodi Chimev assured that the frozen account would not affect schools and kindergartens, as well as the forthcoming Christmas celebrations in the town.
The Turkish government has proposed, through its Energy Minister, Taner Yildiz to put oil revenues in the region of Kurdistan in a frozen account in a Turkish bank that Baghdad and Erbil decide how to share these revenues.
EU sanctions against Iranian companies, including the IOC, are still in place, and the British government said the IOC's revenue from gas sales at Rhum will be placed into a frozen account.
Global Banking News-August 6, 2013--Syria to tap frozen account to fund food purchases(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
On Monday, Hamas armed security personnel entered the branch of the Palestine Bank located in the Gaza City neighborhood of Rimal, demanding that the funds from the frozen account be produced.
Nass's precarious funding position, which has been addressed over the last 12 months, has been further improved by the British Horseracing Authority board's recent decision to release pounds 100,000 from a frozen account.
Centro's cash flow requirements can continue to be managed satisfactorily despite this frozen account.
The Spanish government will take pounds 2,000 a month out of his frozen account until he knocks down the house, leaving him homeless and destitute.
As IOC is currently designated under EU Iran sanctions, these will be placed in a frozen account.