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The last decade witnessed some research on understanding long run relation between European frontier markets and global capital markets.
Egypt, Iraq and Ukraine are my 3 favourite frontier market Cinderellas.
MSCI noted that Lebanon was one of 22 frontier markets with a "no issues" rating in terms of foreign room level, which is mainly the proportion of shares still available to foreign investors, the bank's report said.
Dependency ratios -- the number of non-working age people to working age people -- are projected to decline steeply in frontier markets while the opposite is expected to occur in developed markets.
Frontier markets offer attracting equity valuations and strong potential returns--if all goes well.
The stock exchange can be volatile and in some cases illiquid, as is the case with other frontier markets, but it does have a separate regulator and central depository.
The sharp correction across frontier markets since the summer has also yielded strong opportunities across many other markets, including Saudi Arabia.
The Ephraim Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund has returned in excess of 5% annually since its launch in July 2007, and its mandate has been extended to encompass the broader frontier markets; consequently the fund's name has been changed to the Ephraim Global Enhanced Frontier Markets Fund and will focus on surpassing its previous benchmark over the long term.
Bloomberg based its emerging and frontier markets rankings on 19 measures of the investing climate, ranging from forecasts of gross domestic product growth for the next two years to the ease of doing business.
The fund invests in companies in emerging and frontier markets to create a concentrated portfolio of the GEM team's best ideas, consisting of between 30 and 60 stocks selected on the basis of absolute positioning rather than the relative weighting in the index.
Frontier markets have indeed done well in the last two years, and some funds have prospered.
Frontier markets were a more profitable place to invest in 2013 than emerging markets - a trend that is likely to continue into 2014, analysts say.
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