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The media directors were asked to check methods to estimate reach and frequency distributions they were using in their agency.
Statistical analyses were done to determine the means, standard deviation, variance and frequency distribution using the SPSS software computer package version 10.0.
Methods and tools for statistical analysis included: the use of error bars; grouped frequency distribution; frequency curve; central tendency; dispersion and measures of variation; empirical rule for normal distribution; and confidence intervals.
In this paper, the research focuses on the decomposition of the frequency distribution curve of karst water conductivity by Gaussian mixture analysis and expectation-maximization algorithm to divide runoff components of different karst landform combination types.
Regarding the gene ACTN3 R3557X frequency distributions in Brazilian elite soccer players, the genotype RX>RR>XX and the allele R>X and the gene ACE I/D distribution, the genotype ID>DD>II and allele D>I.
Calculations with other sparser frequency distributions also showed better performance in comparison with Schroeder's formula.
The low flow quantiles of regional frequency distribution (growth curves) were estimated for different return periods and accuracy of these estimates were assessed under Relative Root Mean Square Error (RRMSE), Absolute Bias (AB), Relative Absolute Bias (RAB) together with Lower Error Bound (LEB) and Upper Error Bounds (UEB).
In this article, we explore a different perspective in order to estimate the frequency distribution of soft QCD particles inside events.
The monthly ML frequency distributions of jumbo squid in each fishing season (2013, 2014) showed that the size structure changes between one size group and three size groups in the population (Figs.
Skartveit and Olseth focused on the modeling of frequency distributions of global and direct irradiance, depending on intrahour and interhour irradiance variability, while using first-order autocorrelation for the generation of the actual time series.

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