Freeze out

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Freeze out

The action of pressurizing shareholders with relatively minor amounts of stock to sell their shares after a takeover.

Freeze Out

1. In an acquisition, a provision in a charter allowing the acquiring company to buy out all minority shareholders in the target company for a fair price for a limited period of time. The freeze out provision usually lasts from two to five years following the acquisition.

2. A situation in which the majority shareholder(s) of a company pressure minority shareholders to sell their holdings. For instance, majority shareholders may conduct a freeze out by completely shutting minority shareholders out of the decision making process or by withholding pertinent (but not legally required) information.
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If your credit card has been stolen, or a thief opened one account in your name, you can likely take care of the problem without a credit freeze. Contact your bank and credit bureaus to have the fraudulent accounts removed from your report.
The survey asked 1,000 adults in the United States to self-report how much they spent on credit freezes after learning of the massive data breach at Equifax.
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Extruding low-bulk-density reclaim materials can cause surging and fluctuations in extruder output, which can cause enough inconsistency in polymer flow to freeze die holes in a random fashion.
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Advocates say a credit freeze would be a valuable identity theft prevention tool for consumers.
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While crowns near the soil surface could freeze independently of roots buffered from low temperatures by soil, roots at a similar soil profile as the crowns could be a source of ice propagation into the crowns.
The problem is that if these castings are not properly designed, the molten metal will freeze prematurely during casting before all parts of the mold cavity are filled.
Freeze drying is the removal of water from a sample through sublimation.