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Free Good

1. In economics, a good that is not scarce. That is, a free good is available to as many people as could ever want it in whatever quantity they want it. A major example is air. A free good is not subject to the law of supply and demand.

2. A good not subject to a tariff.
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free goods

goods such as air and water that are abundant and thus not regarded as scarce economic goods. Such goods will be consumed in large quantities because they have a zero supply price, and there is thus a tendency to overuse these goods, causing environmental POLLUTION.
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On speaking to the reporting officer about this, it appeared there was a 'cottage industry,' where duty free goods were routinely stolen.
Moreover free goods carrying promotional messages were provided to hotels.
"The goal of Shop Vegan Style is to create an awareness of the importance of cruelty free goods, grow the market demand, and be able to deliver solutions to the problem.
Hainan Duty Free Goods vice-chairman and general manager, Wang Yong Fan, said that the developing duty-free policy for travellers would do a lot of good for domestic businesses.
* Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT and NBER, and Joo Hee Oh, MIT, "The Attention Economy: Measuring the Value of Free Goods on the Internet"
Evans pleaded guilty last year to smuggling duty free goods on 52 occasions.
Alcohol fraud is a serious criminal offence and can carry hefty penalties - if you are caught selling duty free goods you could not only have the stock confiscated but your could lose your licence to sell alcohol and even face prosecution.
In making a free offer, a seller must be sure that no other conditions are attached to the offer except for the basic condition that the other goods or services must be purchased in order for the consumer to be entitled to the free goods or services.
1959: Two Scottish airports, Prestwick and Renfrew, became the first to offer duty free goods in Britain.
Free goods from suppliers such as apparel are yours to keep as long as advertising funds are not used to acquire them.
Free goods can also be found at
4, 1997, letter, the OIG stated, in relevant part: "The OIG has stated on numerous occasions its view that the provision of free goods by a seller to an actual or potential referral source may violate the anti-kickback statute depending on the circumstances.