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Yet only 35pc of franchisors felt IT had helped access new markets, compared to 21pc of franchisees.
* Whether it has or will establish another company-owned outlet or channel of distribution using the franchisor's trademark.
Reliance by the consumer may exist, or at least be a question for the jury, even with tangible signals that the franchisor and franchisee are independent organizations.
A trade mark, service mark, trade name, logotype or advertising of the franchisor; and
In its most recent round of compliance checks of the franchising industry, the ACCC reviewed disclosure documents from a sample of 12 franchisors in the food services sector and found many were problematic.
A franchisor should use their home country new franchisee startup timeline and checklist for the new country licensee startup.
The beauty of franchising is the fact that benefits are mutually shared and while actions are done separately by both franchisor and franchisee, its effect is on both.
The bill was introduced by state Senator Charles Schwertner, reportedly because of franchisors' concerns that recent National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) actions targeted franchisors for franchisees' labor law violations.
"The franchisor will say, ok, year one, Dubai one store, Qatar one store, Kuwait one store.
The businessman who has experience in franchising various brands pointed out a surprising requirement that could be asked by a global franchisor. " A franchisor like McDonalds may demand you [franchisee] to close all your existing brands that conflict with McDonalds in order to legally franchise McDonalds to Cambodia and that is absolutely a difficult choice when you have been already been running many brands."
A good franchisor should provide a realistic assessment of the competition.