forward pricing

Forward pricing

Practice mandated by the SEC that open-end investment companies establish all incoming buy and sell orders on the next net asset valuation of fund shares.
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Forward Pricing

A practice in which a mutual fund determines the price of its shares based on the next net asset value following an order to buy or sell shares. The SEC requires mutual funds to use forward pricing to arrive at their share prices.
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forward pricing

The pricing of mutual fund shares on the basis of the next net asset valuation following receipt of a customer's order to buy or sell. While the price is based on net asset value, this value is adjusted for any applicable redemption or sales fee. Forward pricing is required by the SEC.
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We only offer Straight Forward Pricing so you always know what to expect upfront.
The Dairy Forward Pricing Program allows dairy producers to voluntarily enter into forward price contracts with milk processors for pooled milk used for manufactured products.
Ms Winterton hit back saying: "We have no intention of forcing local authorities to take forward pricing. Evidence suggests that road pricing can be a powerful tool in tackling congestion."
The achairmana[TM]s mark-upa also allow proprietary handlers to offer forward pricing programs on Class II, III and IV milk.
Forward pricing contracts for fertilizer with the potential for a total acre input package to be forward priced against future grain sales are being developed and tested.
Many of the alliances have established forward pricing agreements where DSCR and the supplier develop a prioritization scheme to price items over a specified period of time.
"The deal was further complicated by the need for the parties to reach agreement on 'forward pricing' in the form of market rents commencing in 2009."
With a current price of just $12.50 in quantities of 100 K units, and forward pricing of $8.50 in 2005, the AT17F16 costs 25% less than any competing 16-Mbit FPGA configuration IC.
We also found that roughly one-fourth of builders buy from dealers on a spot basis, with no forward pricing arrangements at all.