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Firstly, the Group continuously pushed forward integration and takeover of medical institutions of SOEs, and has made great progress.
* Possible forward integration into the petroleum upstream
This scenario presents two potential projects of forward integration.
This scenario presents two potential projects of forward integration. First, is the calf and goat feedlot fattening of the existing open grazing animal on corporate or at least SME scale farm.
Dayal, who is currently the CEO of Indus Towers, will be responsible for the combined business and will take forward integration of the two companies in preparation of the merger.
In this context, "forward integration" would possibly entail KAA buying out KQ private shareholders, including KLM, at fair share market price.
are engaged in backward as well as forward integration such as manufacturing of caprolactam followed by the production of nylon 6 fibers and resins.
We achieved milestones in achieving integration among the continent through strategic projects that have long-term impact," Faki explained saying "hat is epitomized in "the endorsement of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) and the Free Movement Protocol (expected) to push forward integration among countries in the continent after the end of colonization and racial discrimination.
Now, the idea behind this is that the presence of yarn - the basic ingredient required for making cloths or fabric - could make it feasible for setting up fabric making units, as a part of forward integration process.
'There is the need to go back to the fundamentals of our economy where such big issues like diversification of the economy, backward and forward integration, policy coherence, policy consistency and cross-sectoral local content policy will be given their pride of place and execution impetus.

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