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Brown, chief sales officer, is expected to be subject to a forced sale of shares of the company's common stock to meet obligations under a loan for which the shares were pledged as security.
Historical records suggest that some of the "blocked" German marks used in the program may have come from the forced sale of assets by Jewish refugees leaving Germany.
The name of the law is Designation of Homestead and can help safeguard homeowners from a forced sale of their property in situations like bankruptcy, creditor's liens and lawsuits.
If Credit Suisse First Boston is seeking an acquirer for the Company, Gotham urges the Company's independent trustees to reject any alternative involving a forced sale of First Union at a small premium to current market value.
I'm afraid we'll see a spike in foreclosures or forced sales or both.
If NRG receives no cash (a worst-case scenario) from its California investments in 2001 and issues additional debt to fund operating expenses because it is compelled to make forced sales of power to California, Standard & Poor's analysis concludes that NRG's funds from operation coverage ratio will only be minimally affected by about 15 basis points, still adequate for the rating level.
Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit today lifted a lower court injunction, relieving Reliant Energy from any duty to make forced sales of electricity to the California Independent System Operator (ISO) without assurances of payment.