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According to him, Nigeria was yet to harness the potential it has from her football-loving populace, as over patronage of foreign football leagues was costing the nation a lot of resources.
According to Zaman, around 1 000 spectators attend women national football team games; a number, which he said, was low given that, women just like their male counterparts, needed all the support so as to overcome their opponents during their games.
APPEAL IFA Director of Football Development Michael Boyd If you haven't played football before, can you still come along?
During my tenure, I will focus on extra attention and assistance for developing football nations, providing technical assistance in all areas to strengthen the structure of the associations and build professionalism.
Nicolas Anelka said, My participation is to help boost football in Pakistan and having embraced Islam I have a special connection with Pakistan.
They said they were happy football was finally picking up pace in Pakistan.
'Once we win the PFF elections scheduled to be held on Dec 12 here, it will be our mission to take football to the highest level.
He was the first man who showed his football magic in 1982 in the AGA Khan Football Tournament which earned him much reputation.
A partnership between the National Football Museum, Waterstones Deansgate and Hotel Football, the annual spectacular - now in its fifth year - offers an exhaustive array of footie-related events, featuring some of the most acclaimed sportswriters from the UK and abroad.
The football that is being used in the tournament is technically termed as thermo bonded, which was first introduced in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
There have been a few occasions during which Filipino mestizos have reached the top of world football. The most famous one is Paulino Alcantara born of a Spanish soldier and a Filipino mother from Iloilo.
Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the region to reach the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and is scheduled to play Russia in the opening game of world football's showcase event.