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1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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The provision of a service maintenance contract for the service maintenance of the enspire control module encor driver foot switch located at castle hill hospital, hull & east yorkshire hospitals nhs trust.
It comes complete with safety guards and safety foot switch and is supplied with rolls for OGS from 100-300 mm/4-12-inch and for AGS from 350-600 mm/14-24-inch.
The PS 125 tabletop systems can operate in three cycling modes: manual Push-to-Seal [TM] foot switch, and fully automatic.
The system operates in continuous, intermittent or batch modes, and cycles on pre-set parameters or by using a foot switch.
The LINEMASTER[R] (Woodstock, CT) Clipper Foot Switch is designed with an ergonomic shape and robust cast iron housing for ease of use and long life.
The Ring-Cut Master is powered by a rotary tool; a bench-mount tool holder and foot switch are also included for easy operation.
Once the plate is lined up, the user activates a foot switch to gently drop the holding bar onto the plate and hold it in position.
Before installing the new FLIR, make sure the FLIR monitor, FLIR cables, and the field of view (FOV) foot switch work.
A powered foot switch allows smooth, hands-free adjustment of platform height, reducing worker fatigue and injuries--the scissor-lift platform can be accessed from all sides with no bending and minimal reach-over.
Furthermore, a foot switch can also be used for single-cycle bag indexing.
Splashproof to IP54, and built for shop floor use, the Millimess 2100 also includes a foot switch, manual or pneumatic lifters, measuring force adjuster, and a mounting lug for horizontal or vertical setup.
Other features of the Eco-Air 1000, which can be used with most types of blast media, include a generous 550mm X 650mm access door, adjustable pressure control and electric foot switch operation.